Anyone try out the ScanSnap Home software yet?

It appears that Fujitsu is (or has) replaced its ScanSnap Manager and related utilities with “ScanSnap Home.” I downloaded the package, but haven’t installed it yet as it will uninstall all of the other ScanSnap software as part of the process.

I cannot find any really useful information online as of yet to ensure that this new implementation truly replaces the functionality that I need. My workflow is pretty simple, really: I need to scan documents and save them in named files with tags; OCR is done by the ScanSnap software; I have both an ix500 and a S1500 (one at home, one at work); the ix500 is used both wirelessly (scanning to my MBP) and wired via USB when the MBP is docked.

Has anyone tried this out as of yet? Does all of the previous functionality remain intact?


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There are already several topics about this here.

The following topic contains most information:


Still it clear to me if there is any way to get the old S1500M to work with the new software.

I am guessing no.

The following post suggest that it cán work:

Has anyone tried the new software with an S1300i?


The software I downloaded was NOT the new ScanSnap Home Manager but what was available before the new scanner came out.

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In follow up:

Has anyone yet tried the new ScanSnap Home software with the older S1500M? Does anyone know if it will work with that model or not? The info on the website shows it is not supported, but that does not always indicate it won’t work.

Have you tried it yet? I’m getting ready to download it and was wondering if it will work with my 1300i.