Anyone upgrade to 11.2 (Big Sur) yet?

A little gun shy here. . .


People are discussing this over here –


I just tried twice to install 11.2 on my MBP 2015 and on both occasions the install has failed. Rather annoying that each time you want to try again its yet another 3GB download first. Thought I’d give it a rest for today and see if the Internet lights up with people having similar problems or if like my last post, I’m alone on this again?

Updated a 16” MBP yesterday and an iMac Pro this morning. No problems with either.

Note that the iMac is set up for content caching so there may have been only one download from Apple’s servers. The iMac kicked off the upgrade quicker than the MBP so I’m guessing it used a previously downloaded patch.

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So far so good on two MacBook Pro’s (2017 and 2019).

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So far so good on 2015 15" MBP and 16" MBP.

Have it on my 2015 13" base model MacBook Pro, no issues here.

I completed the update on both M1 Mac Mini and 2019 16" MacBook Pro yesterday. Not seeing any issues at this time

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Yep, it still did not fix the issue on two of our Mac’s where there are no preview lines are visible in

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I bit the bullet and decided to install but it took FOREVER. Plus I got the Apple Logo about 4 times. Finally booted up :slight_smile:

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Updated a 2020 iMac to Big Sur 11.2 without a problem. Update occurred quickly - apparently the file had already been downloaded.

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Update - 3rd attempt failed also, so I booted into safe mode and tried the update. Success this time. The crash report sent to Apple each time the install failed reported that there was an ‘error with line 10’ which is completely meaningless to me (even after looking at line 10!)
Anyway, looks to be running fine now.

I updated my mac mini 2020 without problems.

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MacBook Pro, mid-2015.

I did the update the same night that 11.2 came out. The install went fairly smooth and uneventful. After using it for a couple of days I do some issues. First, If I plug in a usb drive while sleeping if fails to mount and my Carbon Copy Cloner backups won’t run without the disk being mounted. If I start disk utility it just sits there with no disks being shown. Second, my wifi now has huge lags after waking up the puter. they disappear after some time but come back after the next wake-up. Third, everything seems noticeably slower in particular app launches, and fourth, I have had lots of app lockups and crashes too.

I am really thinking about going back to Mojave. That OS was always really solid for me with minimal hassles.

Should I or shouldn’t I?


On the bright side, time machine seems to have become trouble free, just like Mojave was. I really hated Catalina and I sure won’t ever go back to that.

Worked fine for me (M1 Mac mini), and seems to have fixed my Bluetooth problems.

I just installed 11.2, hoping it would resolve Bluetooth sound dropouts on my new M1 MacBook
Air. Didn’t. Any suggestions?

My install of 11.2 went okay.
One of my external monitors still fails to wake up most of the time.

I don’t think you’ll be able to do this, at least not reliably. There was a firmware update with Catalina, and you can’t “back-grade” the firmware.

well that would suck!