Anyone using Paletro

Paletro was featured today on product hunt and it seems compelling. Has anyone been using it? I’m trying to figure out in what apps outside of IDEs I’d want a command palette.


I did not know Paletro but use Alfred for the same.
Before that Mouseless which was working decently.
You could even just use a hot key to the help menu search for almost similar capabilities.

I will check of this one but at first sight it seems that it only enable menu commands access, which is no different from the above. It would be interesting if it allowed for other actions in addition to that.

I see. I hadn’t looked at your post in depth! I thought you’d made something specific to omnifocus. Very cool!

Aha no! OmniFocus was only an example of use-case in my post, I use that for everything .
For me, with these workflows, Alfred brings the largest choice of actions and is the most customizable, it will be tough to beat…


This just got added to Setapp, so I’ve been trying it out. I have to say I’m impressed. It does feel like something that Alfred or Launchbar should do natively, but for the time being I’m going to give this a try.

What benefits do I see?

Accessing deeply nested menu items from my keyboard without needing to create keyboard shortcuts.

I think I’m finding the biggest use when accessing the Share menu in most apps. I now don’t need to ever hit the share icon. I can just hit CMD+SHIFT+P and then type “Things”, or “Instapaper”, or “Reminders” and it will send that item straight to that service.

I’m going to give it a few more days to see if it sticks, but I’m finding some good use out of it so far. :blush:

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Loaded from Setapp today.

I had to explicitly configure it to work with Safari. But I can see why – Paletro treats everthing accessible from the main menu as a command. Meaning all of History. Which makes it not useful when looking for a Safari command if anything in History remotely corresponds to the name of a command.

If I’m not mistaken this Alfred workflow provides the same functionality:

I use this pretty regularly, esp. with less frequently used apps where I haven’t learnt the shortcuts.

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Yes. I’ve been using an Alfred workflow for this functionality since finding this.

I downloaded it from Setapp. Very nice app. As others have noted, Alfred with a plugin does the same thing, but Paletro’s design is nice so I may stick with it.

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Interesting workflow. macOS 11 throws a warning and won’t let the workflow run:

The Alfred workflow doesn’t find every menu item that Paletro does. Not sure why that’s the case but I have better results with Paletro at the moment.

Same, I was using the Alfre Workflow before trying Paletro last month and found it had more commands than Alfred does and it does a nicer job showing shortcuts, active/inactive state and most importantly is much faster to use. It seems like Paletro caches the menus once you get a delay the first time you launch it in an app but then it’s fast, the workflow I was using seemed to have that small delay every time. I’m not sure if I was using the ‘faster’ version though.

It’s also really easy to blacklist apps with their own command palettes (VSC, Obsidian, Sublime, etc.)

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You can run it, I followed those steps and it did the trick: macOS Catalina attempts to delete the executable · Issue #20 · deanishe/alfred-sublime-text · GitHub

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I’m happy to hear it. Paletro is such a nice app that I’m happy to have reason to use it. cc: @kennonb

Command palettes are the bomb!
Using them in Obsidian, and now in VS Code, I’m happy to see that Paletro promises to extend that functionality even farther.
The inability to use keyboard shortcuts for menus and buttons is one complaint I have about macOS, and where Windows does a better job.

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