Apollo shutting down the last day of June

Well, sadly my favorite app to browse Reddit is shutting down. It won a multiple awards, was mentioned in this year WWDC and I’m sure it was also shown on previous events. It really encompassed what you want from a good iOS app, it just feels good to use it, like things or bear.

More info here on this Reddit post


I saw that news. I use Narwhal and am waiting to see when they shut down too.

Gutted. The official app is just awful, so I expect I’ll just stop using Reddit on mobile. It’s not so bad on desktop, though you have to reckon they’ll be gunning for old Reddit next.


Without Apollo, I have more time dedicated to MPU forum. Its been eating up so much of my time. Plus, the Apple-related subreddit sucks :joy:


I thought “sub-reddit” was actually the definition for “suck” :slightly_smiling_face:

More seriously, my usage of Reddit has gone down quite a lot. Seems it has become the new Twitter, which I quit years ago. I mostly follow tech-related subreddits, and the “quality” of advice offered has sunk to new record levels while the hostility has reached new heights. Maybe that’s just inevitable in this day and age…


For anyone thinking of leaving Reddit and deleting the account on 30 June, the instructions for clearing the post history and comment history before deleting the actual account can be found here:



There is a really interesting interview between Snazzy labs and the Apollo developer.



I’m also a Narwhal user. I’ve tried Apollo, it’s good, but not as good for me.

Narwhal is still hoping to have some way to stay alive, …but Author isn’t ready with v2, It will need to have a large subscription cost in order to continue working past June 30th (this is actually easier for them since the current model only has ad support). Currently thinking there will be no non-paid Narwhal. Today’s AMA with the Reddit CEO will be hot and interesting.

Apollo Dev is currently very disgustipated with Reddit, so no matter how good today’s news is, I don’t know if Apollo will be back.

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Did not expect to find my new favourite made-up word in this thread, but I want to use it everywhere.

Yup, just finished deleting all my reddit posts and comments and will be deleting my reddit account before the end of the month. For me, no Apollo = no reddit.

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I agree with you, Apollo is so good to use! I’m only keeping my account alive because I contribute to one subreddit with comments, sharing templates to use in Supernote and other things. However, I’ll limit it only to the time when I’m using my MacBook. If sometime the company decides to make their own forum then I’ll quit Reddit completely.

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I personally have enjoyed and learned a lot from /r/cosmology, and /r/audioengineering. But even on these subreddits the resident firefighters seem to be abandoning ship.

got a script for that? or do they make it easy?

There are some extensions for chromium browsers that will do it for you.

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See this post. Pretty simple actually.

I used the app at https://redact.dev/ to delete posts & comments. It was easy and quick.

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You can thank Popeye cartoons for that word. It’s a favourite of my father in law. I remember it from watching on tv as a kid. Internet says it’s from the ‘30s comic strips.


Online communities should go back to the standalone forums away from the ads filled and heavy promoted-content platforms.

We give up the old standalone forums (mostly powered by vBulletin) ~13 years ago as social media platforms offered smartphone apps and instant updates, plus the people behind those social media platforms acted like some angels trying to connect people together in the heavens of the web, which turned out to be all pure bs.

But now we are in a different time and situation, some forum software such as Discourse checks all the boxes for a modern online community.


What I always struggled with was actually finding those online communities. Reddit made it really simple to search and find a community of a topic you were interested in. If there’s something like a “Discourse Indexer” where you can easily search and find Discourse Forums of things you like, I think that will push my use of Reddit to 0.


Fig, a native Discourse client for iOS and iPadOS has something like that. You can search Discourse communities and you can also add your own.