App for logging information about people


A lot of my work is connected to people. So I get phone calls and emails about needs that I need to log so we can sort out appropriate help responses. It’s also useful to be able to to pull up notes on an individual before they are called so we’re update with their situation.

I really need this to work on iOS and macOS.

Some of the information would be classed as personal and special (sensitive).

What apps would you recommend; if any; that would do this well?

I use Obsidian for this. I have a folder called People. In that folder there is a note for each person I deal with. I will put information I want to remember in the note for the person itself. When I have some interaction, I log it in my DailyNote with a link to the person note. Then the backlink feature shows me all of this information when I look at the person note.

I know there are more sophisticated CRM solutions out there, but this is all I need for myself.


If you do it professionally, especial with the need of observing privacy matters, I would recommend some CRM system like

and a lot of more on the market.
But I can’t unfortunately tell you, which of them would fit your needs, as I just started looking into it before the pandemic, and descided to leave these descicion to my future staff/specialists.
Here is a site, that compares a couple of those systems, but I also have not sufficient knowledge about those systems itself, to judge whether this informations are really helpful, or not.

Thank you for that. I’m a one-man-band and so these CRM’s are really an overkill for my situation.

There is a lot of more out there, fitting to several sizes of the needs.
But, if I would be handling a kind of personal informations from 3rd Persons, I would rather go with a more secure (and maybe in the first moment more expansive solution) than to be blamed later on of “loosing” personal informations because I didn’t took enough care to secure them, and then be punished with a way higher payment/damage compensation.

At one time I used BusyCal and BusyContacts to keep track of the executives, project managers, and dozens of technicians involved in a couple of large projects I was handling. When I pulled up a contact in BusyContacts it displayed emails and calendar events linked to the person. I quit using it when Apple removed 3rd party access to It’s possible that problem has been resolved.

If you happen to be a Google Workspace user it has a similar feature built in. And the ability to link messages and calendar events to tasks, notes, and documents.

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Do you rapid log with time stamps? I’m looking for something like the below:

  • 17:27: Call from Fred…

Logseq might be even simpler for this use case. Use pages for contacts, use the journal (daily notes) for notes on interactions with the timestamps.



When I had to protect confidential information about users, I used 1Password’s Secure Notes.

I think that would make tracking people very difficult. Obsidian is so far the best option for me as I pay for the sync so it is encrypted.

Just need an easy way to timestamp entries.

I used to have a number of time and date/time formats that I produced with a Keyboard Maestro hot key. Now I use Alfred snippets for the same thing.

(That is such an obvious answer that I must have misunderstood your question. :slightly_smiling_face:)

Contacts Journal CRM

:white_check_mark: can easily log phone calls and emails
:white_check_mark: can pull up notes on an individual before making the call
:white_check_mark: iOS and MacOS versions
:white_check_mark: Not “overkill” for one-man-band
:white_check_mark: rapid log with automatic and easy timestamps

Things that I find useful that you may not need
:+1: Can attach files to a contact’s individual logs and also to the contact generally
:+1: Can make ToDos for a contact within the app
:+1: Can access a map of contact locations within the app
:+1: Imports from Apple contacts and keeps some data in sync between them (not logs, not attached files, etc.)
:+1: Non-subscription (but it appears there is a subscription option for teams, not what I do)
:+1: Dark mode

There’s also a trial version available

images taken from ContactsJournal Twitter


Yes, I use @ryanjamurphy’s Lumberjack plugin for this, it works well. I have a shortcut on my iPhone home screen that will add a log item with the current time.


Very nice, thanks for posting! This may be the app. It’s simple, reasonably priced, and easy to use.

Google. They log everything about everyone. :joy:


Happy to help. I’ve found Contacts Journal CRM to be very “Apple like” and easy to use. I do most data entry in the MacOS version and use the iOS versions when away from my desk.

I tried using Apple Contacts with lots of content in the notes as a sort of mini CRM. For me, that didn’t work out well (too much scrolling, etc.). With Contacts Journal CRM I can make and find entries super fast. Being able to attach files to a contact and log has been super helpful.

I purchased the iOS version and am really happy. Is the macos version the same feature set? I like the easy logging. Can you drag emails in?

Looks like you can download a Mac trial version and try it for yourself. See post #11 above this one with links.