App for Organizing Quotes

I know that I “could use” a lot of different apps to keep track of quotes, but I’m wondering if there are apps designed specifically for this purpose.

I’d like to be able to search quotes by the same author and on the same subject.

(Yes, I realize Obsidian can do this, and I might end up using that if I can’t find anything else.)

Suggestions welcome, paid or free.

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Why not DEVONthink ?

A spreadsheet ? xxxxxx

Hmm, I know the exact kind of app you mean. I long time ago I built a web app that let you create and filter by author, topic/subtopic and keyword and displayed the results nice and quotey with translucent giant floating quotation marks in the background and all that. People liked using it.

Could be nice to see it revive natively if no one suggests something perfect…

If you do go the Obsidian route, I’m sure you could style just the quote pages to be more contemplative.

I just tag them with Quotes and save them in Google Keep.

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DevonThink could work, and might be a “right answer” but I was wondering what others have used.

I add it to Readwise and it resurfaces it every now and then.

Prior to that, I had a journal on Day One and it resurfaces every year through the On the Day feature.


I have a Notion database that I’ve created for these with Authors and Tags via linked databases, but now that @MereCivilian mentions Readwise, I might spend some time exploring that.



Slightly OT, but there are some suggestions in this thread.

This is really nice @kennonb

My reason for using Readwise and Day One was because they resurface that information. I find when I read a quote especially a postive one, it motivates me….

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I keep them in Ulysses, but I have thought about using AirTable.

Looks like Bartlett’s Quotations now has an app.

First, buy an expensive fountain pen and a Tomoe River A5 Notebook… :rofl:

The first thing I did with Obsidian was organize my Commonplace Book. The links and tags work well for finding a topic.

I just keep them with all my other random (plain text) notes, usually one to a note, general subject and speaker/writer in the title, quote and attribution in the body, tagged #quotes and maybe tags relating to the quote topic.

Easy to file, easy to search. Finding all quotes by the same author is as simple as searching on the #quotes tag and the author’s name.

If you want to track the source of your quotes - how about Zotero?

An app that hasn’t been updated in 6 years and has this review

Doh! I don’t actually use the app. I was going to recommend the book when I noticed they had an app.

Pastebot for Mac has a Creative Quotes section

I’ve been putting all mine into Obsidian and tagged them #thoughts and then use the Smart Random Note plugin to resurface them based on a search for the tag. Manually right now but looking at automating it to pop one up into my daily note

Here’s Today’s

Mark Twain - Facts

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I use aliases to get the additional thoughts in there and also link them from MOC type notes on basic themes.

I use Readwise for managing saved quotes, not just my highlights. I tag them as needed, and find the search feature to be effective.

I also like that you can change the metadata or even add or change the artwork for each quote. I do this on my blog and I like the way it looks.

Exporting works well, and they have beta’s for connecting and syncing via several apps like Roam, Notion, and Obsidian.