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I am wondering if there are any runners on this forum and what app or apps you might be using to track your runs. I have been using Runkeeper for years and have never looked at anything else. However, I suffered an injury a few months ago and have not been able to run for the last two months. Unfortuanately, it may be at least another two months until I can run again.

But with this hiatus I thought about checking out some other options besides Runkeeper for when I start up again. I have an Apple Watch Series 2 (Nike Edition). So I thought about looking at the Nike Run Club.

I have never used the coaching or run planning features with the Runkeeper app. I only used it for tracking. But since I am going to need to build myself back up, I was thinking about looking at using the coaching to help me get back to where I was. I averaged about 20 miles/week. Is there an app that does better with the coaching or run planning?

So what are you using? And why?

I always return to Strava. The Apple Watch app works great, it has a number of powerful features, and is super stable. Also, I like the options (even on the watch) to track hikes, bike rides, etc. It has social features that I don’t use much. And there are coaching options, though I haven’t tried them out. Runkeeper is also great, though.

I like to use Apple workouts or Runtastic.

For reasons I want to keep Strava and Garmin Connect sync’d (long story :grinning: ) and found RunGap to do the job and is great.

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I’ve tried most apps for this, and think the best app if you also use an Apple Watch is iSmoothRun. It’s the only one that really gives you custom control over which metrics to show on your watch.

But having spent a lot of time on this I would say that if you are serious about running and like to keep proper stats and get coaching help without paying for premium subscription, then a Garmin Watch is the way to go. I have the cheapest serious one, the Forerunner 235, and for me the Apple Watch simply doesn’t come close.


When I still worked for the man there was a corporate thing to get moving and so they were selling cheap fitbits, ever since then I have been using a Fitbit flex 2 to track all my steps and sleep with the Fitbit app.

Being the stereotypical software developer I don’t really exercise as much as I should and much to my shame there are days that my step count is in the hundreds working from home.

That said when I do actually do exercise I use google fit to track it, since I still have an android phone (pixel 2 XL), I like that my data syncs across devices.

Sorry to hear about the injury! Hope you’re able to get back out there soon.

+1 for iSmoothRun. I’ve used it for years and it works great, except on treadmills (which I try to avoid anyway).

My favorite thing about iSmooth is the storage and export options. You can choose to store your data on your device and optionally export it to most all of the cloud-based services (RunKeeper, Strava, Nike, SmashRun, etc.). The screenshot below doesn’t even show the whole list of export. The export can be set to automatically happen at the end of a run. I send my runs to four different services because they all have different features/communities.


Glad to see there are other runners here!
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I took a look at iSmoothRun. I think I will give it a try. The export feature is great! Now I just need to get well so I can get out there again.

For now the Apple Watch does me good. I looked at other fitness watches, but came across a good deal on the Apple Watch that was hard to pass up. It serves its purpose for me for general tracking. When it comes time to replace I will explore the options.

I use Tempo. Great run tracker, but it is not a running app. Good analytics, and I like the single-function design. Gets the data from the health app, which allows you to use differing running apps as they drop in and out of favour.

I love Garmin and use a 735 watch, linked to the Garmin App. I also upload to Strava.

RunKeeper also gives a lot pf controls for what to show on the Watch and what stats the “coach” speaks at intervals.

I have really liked the training plans in RK, and they’ve been getting better lately as well.

My frustrations with RK have mostly stemmed from limitations of WatchOS.

I use a Garmin Fenix 3 that uploads to Garmin Connect which is linked to Strava. I almost exclusively use Strava to track, view my runs and set goals. I have tried other apps but have created a community feeling through my Strava. To keep myself in check, I follow Ryan Atkins and Lance Armstrong.

I use a Garmin watch and I’ll echo @Edward that the Apple Watch does not come close if you are serious about running.

I have a series 3 that I really hoped could take over the Garmin, for me pace is a great help in my running and keeps me on pace :wink: the Apple Watch just can’t keep correct pace from my experience. I am 15-25miles a week(hopefully more if time allows!)

The lack of podcast function apart from 3rd party apps also annoyed me, I like running and listening to podcasts so I was using my iPhone along with the watch anyway. Maybe with the os5 I will start using the watch and let a little go with the pace, if it lets me just use the watch and AirPods!

Trails is a beautiful, well designed app that I use to store and view my runs. I often run with just my Apple Watch and use the fantastic WorkOutDoors app to record my run, follow routes, and view offline maps. When I get home I import my track from WorkOutdoors to Trails.

Trails also has a beautiful Apple Watch app which I really enjoy using, however, it has been having some trouble with elevation change calculations lately so I have mostly just been using Trails on the iPhone to store and view my runs rather than record.

Hello from a fellow Texan runner! Agreed, the lack of support for podcasts really does make me :disappointed:. I also prefer podcasts over music during runs. Just to try it out, I’ve taken my Series 3 out for a run and streamed music. It is pretty great but runs are usually the only time I can make serious progress on my podcast queue (and I tend to have faster times with podcasts on 2x as opposed to tunes)!

If Apple does allow API access for podcast apps, the one thing that will still probably require taking my iPhone is iSmoothRun (see my post above). So I use this case to carry it while running.

I use a Garmin 735XT (for the past 2 years, love the watch) and the Garmin app to keep track of my running and races. I have considered switching to an Apple Watch, but to be honest the Garmin does everything I need, including notifications, steps, alerts, and emails from my priority contacts. I can not respond, but this is fine. I have been invested in the Garmin ecosystem since 2012 so it is very hard to switch.

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Garmin here too, started before the Apple Watch was even a thing.
When I ran with the phone used Runkeeper, really loved it.
To move data from one platform to another (mainly before app integration between themselves) I use tapiriik.

Used a Garmin for several years but found the software and integration lacking. At the time it was very difficult to sync runs from the iPhone app and my forerunner 220 could not play music or podcasts (maybe some newer ones can?) so I also had to bring an iPod. If I wanted to be reachable I also had to bring my phone. I have really enjoyed the features and integration of the Apple Watch that allows me to record my workout, listen to music wirelessly, and be available via cellular all from one small device.

I have just purchased a series 4 cellular. I am planning on running this evening or in the morning and using the apple run app. From what I have read on the apple site and some review sites on os5 the pace feature is apparently a lot more accurate. I think I will have to use rungs to export to Garmin or strava, but I would love it if the pace feature is more accurate!

Has anyone tried running with os5?

Thinking of getting an Apple Watch to replace my aging TomTom watch. However, I need dependable HR alarms to keep me in the right zone for training. How well does the Apple Watch do in this domain?

I mostly use the Nike Run Club for running though sometimes I use the Apple Watch’s native training app.

When I go swimming I use MySwimPro.
Besides that I use, mostly, the Nike Training Club app for working out in the gym.

Using more than one app I’ve found sync can sometimes be a bit off, so I use RunGap to keep all info in sync between apps, and between Health.