App Sales Thread

So I don’t quite get how this “unlock bundle” thing works, but Bundle Hunt has a new bundle running, notable apps include:

  • Timing (first tier) $3
  • iStat Menus $4
  • Paragon Hard Disk Manager (I don’t know if this adds NTFS drive read/write support or not if someone can fill me in) $4
  • MacGourmet $2
  • Home Inventory $4
  • Paperless (throwback to MPU episode 3) $2
  • ActiveDock $2
  • Swift Publisher $4
  • Soulver $1.50
  • Unclutter ($2.50) & WALTR ($4) (drop zone apps, WALTR apparently has some mobile features too)

Edit: Okay, I’ve listed the price of each one after and figured out how “unlocking” works. You have to add a base of $5 and then you add whatever apps you want on top (so say you wanted Paperless, ActiveDock, and Swift Publisher, that’d be $2+$2+$4+the base of $5, so $13)

Edit2: There’s a bunch of other apps than these. None stuck out to me personally as interesting to MPUsers.

Thanks for this @ehler. Now I’ll have to see how to get up and running with #KeyboardMaestro to make it worth the cost. Any useful links to tutorials, macro “exchanges”, etc, gratefully received :grin: (Any hints @RosemaryOrchard, @katiefloyd or @MacSparky ?)

Haven’t Apple abolished affiliate links?

That doesn’t take effect until October 1st.

Over on the Automators forum, they’ve got a few things tagged for KM specifically. There was a wealth of KM examples that Rose wrote on the old FB group if you can search the archives.

And thank @tonycapp for the KM discount, not me!


Yes, and it is only apps that are being removed form the affiliate program (music, books, movies, TV shows remain). Wrong move, I think, and one that will hurt me at MDM Deals, but the longer I consider it, the more I believe I can continue without it. But will have to get other methods of monetizing down :slightly_smiling_face:

Pagico is on sale.


Oohhhh I can see the Automators Forum is a lovely and dangerous rabbit hole!!!

I received an email today that PDF Expert is running a back to school sale for 50% off… $40 instead of $80. I’m not sure if you can find this posted somewhere or perhaps sign up for their emails or even call them, but that’s a great sale for anyone that doesn’t already have this app.

What other back to school sales are happening???

Tap Forms (mentioned in the Apps not on PUs radars thread by @Watsona) is 30% off as part of their MacStories sponsorship (Mac, iOS)

Flexibits is having a sale on Fantastical & Cardhop in the Mac App Store and on iOS.


The Readdle back to school bundle is on sale for 50% off in the iTunes app store.

Pixelmator Pro just went on sale for Back To School, for $29.99, normally $59.99.

Read about it this morning on, which notes that it is also an update with more features (listed in the article).


MacPaw is having a sale on the new CleanMyMac X and Gemini 2, 30% off.

It’s worth noting that while they’re advertising CleanMyMac at the 1-year price, there’s a “one-time purchase” option still on their store for CleanMyMac X. It’s a little more than twice as much. They’re unfortunately no longer bundling CleanMyMac and Gemini at a discount.

StackSocial has a Mac app ‘Pay What You Want’ deal, where if you pay more than the average price paid by purchasers you get all ten apps in the bundle. When I bought into the deal this morning it cost $7.54, and right now the price has gone up to $9.93. I went for the deal primarily because I was interested in Art Text 3 (currently $29.99 on the Mac app Stopre), but also to play around with 2Do (currently $49.99 on the MAS). The apps in the deal are:



A number of sales for the MacStories anniversary that include DEVONThink, Hazel, MarsEdit, TextExpander, PDFPen, Screens, SaneBox, Taskpaper, and Ulysses, as well as what I assume are extensions of the sales from Macpaw, Flexibits, Readdle, and others that have recently been mentioned in this thread.

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Epistory is on sale for a few more hours.
It’s a beautiful game.

Good looking out I just purchased
Happy to have 2do on the mac

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I think it’d be better to keep the focus on apps on sale that are based around productivity rather than games or apps specific to particular industries/niche use.

I’d be curious to know how you like it. I got a bit intimidated by the potential complexity: although a to-do list entry can simply consist of its title, you can also add notes, recurrence, set a due date, tag a location, schedule an alarm, priority (low, medium, high, starred) and tack on a URL or photo, and you can even make an audio recording with voice notes, with each list sortable by a number of criteria, including priority and due date. For my needs it’s really overkill, and I’m not sure I’m going to be using it.

(But I love Art Text!)