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I’m trying to create a thread for app sales that are worthwhile to share with other people. I think a good guideline is apps that are frequently discussed by other users here on the forum or by hosts/guests on the show.

The deal that I want to highlight right now is a broad back to school sale that features MindNode for 30% off on both Mac and iOS. The site is listing prices in euros, but every deal I’ve checked is available on the US app store as well. There’s some other neat tools in that bundle and things on SetApp as well

A few good sources I’ve been following for deals are MDMDeals, MacBundles, and $2 Tuesdays. I know MDM is largely funded by their affiliate linking in addition to sponsorships.


Thanks I had been meaning to get Prizmo Go upgrade and there it was. Great deal on MindNode if anyone doesn’t have it yet.

There’s a short-lived deal going on at Affinity, with at least 30% off the price of software AND workbooks. This is to celebrate the launch of Affinity Designer for iPad, currently selling at a launch price of €14.99. Deal ends 1st August.

Anyone interested in graphic design or who likes to edit their photos should really take a look. Affinity is the up and coming challenger to Adobe’s products, offering affordable, NON-SUBSCRIPTION, you-get-to-keep-it-forever applications that have been winning admiration and awards, including from Apple, in the last few years.

A public beta for their next foray into the Mac graphics world, Affinity Publisher, will be available as a free public beta soon.

I have no affiliation with the company - I’m just a happy user and have been since Serif PagePlus 6 (Windows only, so from before my Mac baptism).


I was a longtime user of to track Mac/iOS apps and I built a wishlist there, but their database started having problems and the site has effectively been down for weeks.

I recently discovered, which, like Appshopper, gets affiliate commissions from Apple if you buy as a click-through from them. Here is the link for Mac App Store deals, in reverse chronological order:

I’m glad you’re enjoying MDMDeals and my curation of deals! And here’s a special treat for my fellow MPU fans that I normally give just to patrons: a custom daily newsletter. Answer two questions of the kinds of deals you want (iOS, Mac, or both; and then apps, games, and/or movies) and get a custom email in your inbox each day with just the kinds of deals you want. I really think its the best way to get a fine curation of just great deals on fantastic apps (though I know I’m mightily biased :grinning:).


Thanks for this @MarkDMill

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You are quite welcome! Glad to spread some cheer and deals :grinning:

Appsliced is another pretty good site with decent price drop alarms

PDF Expert (Mac) is currently on sale for $25 ($35 off). I see it on sale from various 3rd party vendors pretty frequently FWIW.


Speaking of PDF Expert, Readdle currently has a bundle of their apps for 50% off. If you already have one of the apps in the bundle, this brings the “complete my bundle” price down below the standalone cost of PDF Expert.


Thanks - just completed mine & got Calendars for free!

ScreenFlow 8, @MacSparky’s preferred(?) screencasting software, appears to be heavily discounted on the MAS at the moment. $40, down from the usual(?) $129 – with the latter still being displayed as the price to buy direct from them…

I have been a Camtasia user in the past, but never updated to the latest version. At this price, decided to take the plunge on ScreenFlow – and with it being through the MAS, it will be available on my Mac Mini as well, and is open to family sharing for the daughter, which is nice!

Oh - shout out to @MarkDMill - pretty sure I saw the Screenflow discount on MDMDeals!!


That ScreenFlow deal is so tempting. I just don’t have a need for it right now though.


Oooh thanks for the heads up on the Affinity Publisher beta! Am an avid photoshop user and have wanted to get into inDesign but could never justify the monthly cost of the full Adobe CC subscription.

Publisher looks like it could be a great solution :slight_smile:

Wow, they are offering the upgrade price to everyone, looks like for two days only. I just got the email from them to upgrade from my copy of Screenflow 7 a few hours ago, but that email did not mention this App store deal. Thanks for pointing this app store deal out – I just jumped on it. I’ve been using Screenflow since 1.0, in fact, I have been working on an editing project all day today (in Screenflow 7, of course). If you need to create screencasts, I highly recommend Screenflow.

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Thanks for the shoutout! Here’s it’s link on MDM Deals – if any of you want to be a friend and purchase it through that link, I’d be much obliged :grinning:

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Thanks for posting the Screenflow deal! I never would have known.

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Shameless plug–via link I have above (this one), you can sign up for a custom curation of deals delivered to your email. I’m biased, I know, but its the best way I know of to never miss a deal and ALSO never see a ton of junk alerts that many sites spew out hoping for clicks.

For those who are watching this thread, I’ll link to two other specific sales that popped up on here for Notability (also on sale for iOS) and Keyboard Maestro (technically a coupon rather than a sale, unknown duration of coupon though):


Also note that the Keyboard Maestro discount is also available if you have paid a one-year membership to

This page shows all the discounts available with a membership (and includes discounts on Take Control ebooks, Scrivener, Default Folder X, MarsEdit, LaunchBar, Rogue Amoeba software, and a lot more. Highly recommended!)

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