Discount code for Keyboard Maestro



If you’re on the fence about getting a license for Keyboard Meastro, this should push you over to one side.

TCOAYM (take control of your automating your Mac)
Will get you %20 off when you buy from

Having heard nothing buy good things about it, I’ve taken the plunge.

App Sales Thread

Here’s the link:

Cheers tonycapp.


Thanks for this! I was planning on purchasing this soon anyway :slight_smile:


I finally need KM, and it was going on the top of my software purchase list. Glad to cross it off. Next is CleanMyMac and Gemini!



Thank you for the tip, Tony!


Sorry folks, looking back it looks like I’ve put in a bad link. I hope you’re all Keyboard Maestro Maestros by now;)