Apple announces AirPods Max

I can’t wrap my head around the $549 price tag! Here in India, once converted, they are priced at $814 :scream:

Also, it looks like the rather charming @L0vetodream was right again!

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This would be worth the price of admission. It’s my one complaint with my Bose headphones.

Seamless switching

Seamlessly move between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.2 If you’re playing music on your Mac and take a call on your iPhone, AirPods Max will automatically switch over.


Two things you can always count on with any new Apple product: it will be more expensive than you expect and the name will be worse than you expect.

That said, I’ve ordered a pair. I’ve been waiting for these for a long time. I’ve been using noise-canceling more this year. As @JohnAtl notes, the automatic switching among Apple devices is a welcome feature. My one complaint with the Sony WH-1000XM4 is that while they do a good job switching between my iMac and iPhone, the two device limit keeps me from using them with my iPad and Apple TV.

Using the Digital Crown rather than touch controls is an interesting choice. They’re also still sticking with Lightning for charging rather than USB-C.


Very tempting. Waiting on the audiophile reviews.

That 70s discocore case, however. Gotta wonder about it. Guaranteed accessory for Instagram influencers.


Yeah, I pulled the trigger too. I average about 8hrs a day in mine (thanks ADD).


These will probably be what gets me to upgrade my iMac from Mojave to Big Sur.


Wow, that’s amazingly expensive, especially with only 20 hours of battery life.

Ordered right away. I’m a lot on the road (well… usually) and good ANC headphones are a must in trains and planes to get work done. My Bose QC35 are falling apart and their idiotic Bluetooth management drives me insane.


If they drivers are from Beats, they will be ripped apart. :smiley:

Oh boy, I hope that they don’t have the same drivers for many reasons. Most notably the fact that they’re from 2017.

DankPods will go nuts if that is the case. :sweat_smile:

I have a feeling that Apple will discontinue the Beats Studio 3 and shut down Beats altogether in the near future.
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Well, not the same. New ones with the “Beats treatment”. :smiley:

Likeness for bass is subjective.

I really hope that the AirPods Max headphones don’t disappoint audiophiles.

More people need to realize that. It is 100% guaranteed.


I wouldn’t bet on that. Beats is still very trendy and wearing those headphones is a fashion statement. However, a reordering of the product line is certainly coming.

I’ll wait until by Bose headphones die.

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Yes, and nothing more.

AirPods are a fashion statement like Beats… times 100…

Getting rid of the Beats branding and slapping “AirPods” branding on it is genius.

Not sure anyone should spend that amount of money to listen to lossy codecs such as the one in Apple music. If you’re after a fashion statement… sure.

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I’ve learned when it comes to apple… wait for V2.

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This idea about lossy codecs sounding worse than non-lossy ones is one of the most tenacious ideas in the field of computer audio, like gold-plated cables. Yes, theoretically, there’s a difference, and you can hear it on very, very high-end equipment, but what is going to make the true difference is the mixing and mastering of a given track, especially for headphones that are designed to be worn outdoors (ANC).

@anon54919170 AirPods are truly useful beyond the statement. It’s like saying the iconic earbuds of the original iPod were a fashion statement – they were, but what mattered was that it was a hell of a good product, and that’s why it became a fashion statement. Beats is a different… erm… beast in that regard.


People are going to complain because there aren’t two huge, backlit Apple logos on them. Like a MacBook logo on every ear.

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