Apple Calendar Revisit

Hello friends! I’m having a little bit of subscription fatigue. While I love Fantastical, personally I’m not sure that the features it offers over the Apple Calendar justify $40 a year. With that, I’m taking another look at Apple Calendar and, so far, it’s been mostly fine.

One thing I’m noticing is that not all email recipients to which I regularly send invites are available in the calendar. We use Google Apps at work and, all of the email addresses in Google apps are available in Google Calendar and Fantastical, but not all are available in Apple Calendar. Anything I can do about that?

I use Gmail, not G Suite, and I can access all my contacts in Calendar both on Mac and IOS. My Google calendar syncs with macOS Calendar, and my Gmail and iCloud accounts are set up in macOS Contacts.

Do you receive any prompts or messages when you try to add an external guest? Your administrator has the ability to restrict sharing of calendar details and some invitation prompts, but this doesn’t appear to be your problem (IMO).

If you bought Fantastical before it went subscription, and you’re happy with it as-is, you don’t have to subscribe. No updates, etc. as discussed ad nauseum here.

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I did buy it before. Sticking with it may be my best option.

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In G-Cal and Fantastical the addresses don’t even have to be in my contacts. It seems to see anyone I’ve ever emailed.

When you log Fantastical, etc. directly to Google that gives it access to your G Suite addresses.

Make sure that you have Google set up in your “Internet Accounts” in System Preferences and that Calendars is selected. If it still doesn’t work, also check Contacts.

macOS Mail, Contacts, & Calendar share info using the same login account.