Apple Developing Electric Car?

Well, this is an interesting rumor.

Car, Glass, Voyage? :sweat_smile:

I’d go with “the Banana”. I would love the confusion that creates if one says “took a long drive in my apple banana today, bunch of jackasses (the animal kind) following me”

So when carOS 12 is released will all the instrumentation be changed to skeuomorphic steampunky knobs and dials?

And then carOS 13 will change it all back to round-edged pastels.


Can’t wait to have Siri driving for me; “she” does a “great “job following directions. :wink:


If you said that a couple of decades ago, you’d probably be thrown in a mental asylum.

Yeah, sort of…

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Might still happen, i’ve got folks looking funny at me all the time :smiley:

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“Is anyone else noticing HUGE battery drain after updating to the latest carOS?”


The Apple Chitty Chitty Clang Clang

« Apple is THROTTLING my car after the latest update to get me to buy a new one! »


Only 2 USB-C ports? One for charging the car and to make sure people will fight over who get’s to charge their phone off the car?

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Porsche 935. I’m in for the “Apple Car”.

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Indeed! The real Apple Car had a stick shift, dammit! :smiley:

A car without stick shift can’t be a real car.


Not surprised… :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I got stuck on the middle of the road last week after reaching 0% battery and an old fashioned gasoline car crashed right into me. I’m now permanently bound to a wheelchair and Apple refuses to repair my car because I didn’t buy AppleCare+ for car insurance/accident coverage and all the components are soldered in anyways. :wink:

Okay, so… Apple finally replaced my car after persuading them, but the latest carOS update throttles the speed of the car to 50 MPH in order to prevent it from heating up and exploding. Oh, did I forget to mention the crazy thermal throttling? The fans can barely keep up!

Oh, and Apple chose to remove the steering wheel on the latest generation. It took a lot of courage to remove the steering wheel. The latest generation is now controlled by Siri and has an unconventional charging method, which ties into this story. It is part of the lore. :wink:

But, at least, it will be the slimmest car ever made…

So slim that it’ll be unreliable and break really often!

Let’s hope they don’t base carOS on Catalina!

Well, why not macOS Big Sur? :stuck_out_tongue: