Apple ID password prompt

Every now and then my iPhone will randomly put up a prompt wanting me to enter my AppleID password - it asks for the password associated with the iTunes and AppStore. I’ve got that password stored in 1Password natch, but the problem is that this prompt is a modal dialogue. I can’t switch away from it to lookup the password in 1Password, come back and paste it in. The password field doesn’t even allow for a pasted in password. I can only cancel the prompt.When I go into Settings it looks as though the AppleID is properly logged in, and I frequently can’t remember where to paste in the password (I get senior moments…) I think that the only solution is to log the AppleID out and log in again. Why do they make life so frigging difficult?

I’ve been getting this annoyance too, lately (on my iPad, in my case).

I haven’t found a solution. But at least in my case I’ve found that it will accept a pasted in password, as long as I don’t navigate away from the prompt. Fortunately, my Apple devices are set up to share a clipboard. So I open 1Password on a different device, copy it there, then paste it in on the offending device.

It’s really annoying, especially as lately this seems to happen once a day.

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Sometimes disconnecting and re-connecting to Wi-Fi or rebooting the device will clear this. It’s such a frustrating bug.

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I alwyas cancel it and then go to settings and confirm my icloud password there if it comes up, at least that dialog box accepts a paste. If the prompt does not come up, then everything should be fine.

Thanks everyone. As usual I’m pleased that it isn’t just me.:grinning:

Turning off automatic app updates fixed this problem for me.

Thanks, but not turned on in my case.

Try turning it on?