Apple Mail Rules and iCloud Mail

Hi all,

I have several computers using Apple mail with the same iCloud Account. Basically, I have the same rules set up in Apple Mail on both computers to color mail for various contact accounts.

It seems as though the mail will run through the rules on new mail only? Therefore if I open the mail Computer number one, then the rules will apply and mail is colored as requested.

However after that, if I open the mail on computer number two, then the rules do not apply because I believe the mail is not new anymore?

In that case I have to highlight the mail and apply the rules manually.

Is there someway that the Apple Mail rules could be applied whether the mail was new or not new so that both computers would apply the same rules for colorizing etc.?

AFAIK that is your only option.

You can add rules on the site that apply server side before Mail is opened on any device. I use that to send newsletters and other similar things to a specific folder to unclutter the inbox.

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nice idea - I will check it out - thanks

I just looked at the rules available on and they are minimal and don’t include color tagging. Sorry…

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ok thanks for checking.

Is anyone else having the issue I mentioned with colorizing emails on 2 computers?

Does the color only apply locally? It isn’t synced?

yes - That is how it seems (on 2 Macs)

I don’t apply colors to emails but do have a number of rules to move them into different folders. I originally set up the rules on so they would be in effect when reading on my iPad. I now run them on my M1 iMac which runs all the time. Much easier to edit and add new rules.

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