Apple Mail to Spark on macOS: ISO Insights and Comments for the Transition

I am considering to make a switch to Spark instead of Apple Mail on macOS. I am already using Spark on iOS for my work email. I know its paradigm.

My break point is a recent post here about my frustration that I cannot delete email conversations easily in Apple Mail.

In the meantime, I have an entire infrastructure set up in Apple Mail. I have local mboxes and I use MailHub to file mail in them.

I have two questions for this thread.

  • How does one import local mbox folders from Apple Mail to Spark? The Spark site has … nothing … on this. The only link I have found references a question that is over a year old seeking the same information.

  • Does Spark have an equivalent processing engine akin to MailHub for Apple Mail? I like to retain the ability to move mail to local folders and then export the mbox folder to be inside a Finder folder as an archive once the project is complete.

Insights and comments would be appreciated.


Did you find an answer for your question? I have the same problem




I never did. I did not migrate. I may reconsider over the coming months. Should I learn anything, I’ll remember to return and post an update.


I’m also considering switching and need an answer to this. :frowning: