How do I delete an in+out email conversation in one step?

I am curious. I have searched and searched and still do not have a clear idea.

I have an email message that arrived. I reply. This finishes the conversation. I want to delete both the incoming message and my sent reply IN ONE STEP.

How do I do this? Can I even do this? It seems in Apple Mail, the answer is not just no, it is … NO! I have to delete two messages, one in the Inbox and one in the Sent box. Or I have to delete the two messages in the conversation view ONE message at a time. This is two or more steps.

Can I do this in Spark … maybe (I am still testing Spark so insights about just this question are also appreciated)?

Am I missing something with Apple Mail?

Is there really a better email client (e.g. Spark) for its ability to do this one thing and do it right?


No. That’s the design.

MailHub (plug-in) May allow you to do this. There’s a free demo.

I have MailHub. It can shuffle messages into other mail boxes by conversation. It cannot however overcome the limitation that deleting an incoming message + its reply must still be done in more than one step.


Can you look in conversation view and command click on all the messages then delete? I do that all the time in the inbox with spam that escapes past SpamSieve when I want to delete a bunch at once.

Conversation view does not show sent messages in the left-most pane. Only in the right-most pane. You still have to click the messages one-at-a-time.


I believe Airmail for iOS acts only on entire conversation threads, so if you delete, all associated messages get deleted.

I always thought this was goofy too, showing a list of what everyone else says, seemingly on the assumption that you’ll remember everything you said.