Apple Music Back-Ups?

So I have retired my old ripped cd collection to my back-up archive (for now) and decided to start a lovely all-singing all-dancing Apple Music ONLY collection…just cos…it makes life simple and it was refreshing to start from scratch!

But now I am beginning to build up my smart playlist and music collection again…to the point I would be annoyed if one day Apple Music made it all unavailable (for whatever reason).

So backing up of online subscription music collections for peace of mind???

Any ideas???

Is there a 100% reliable export/import technique that people have tried and tested?

Is there any need to back-up a (pure) Apple Music collection?


The only service I am aware of is

It lets you transfer playlists and favorites between streaming services and also export in various formats like CSV and XML.

I have used it successfully when moving from Spotify to Tidal. (Of course, any content missing on the target platform due to rights-issues will get lost.)

As opposed to a service like Soundiiz, there’s also the free (or $4.99-with-IAP) app SongShift.

Both were mentioned in this discussion, in which someone had had a problem with Soundiiz (which costs as little as $4.50 for a month’s usage, or $6/yr).