Apple Pay is Magic

Just returned from one glorious week in the U.S. where I was united with my metal Apple Card and bought an Apple Watch and proceeded to use Apple Pay at registers everywhere. Double-click, wave, done! Never had to reach in my pocket or worry about cash.

In fact, for the entire week I never had more than $3 of cash on me (which was left over from a previous trip) and I managed to spend that down to just a few pennies. I never once got cash from an ATM. Almost every purchase took Apple Pay with the remaining few taking the physical card.

Now I’m back in Mexico and a bit melancholy since Apple Pay, somehow, still does not exist here. We will soon open a local bank account and so maybe I can use the bank’s debit card with Apple wallet and hopefully some alternative e-payment system at registers.


It’s gotten a lot better here, but the real magic is still in Europe.


Totally, when I was in the States over the summer I was surprised how few places had Apple Pay as an option where in the UK more places than not offer it.

You obviously haven’t shopped in Canada, then…


I rarely even think about Apple Pay these days. In the early days I looked for places to use it, but it hasn’t grown much beyond the early adopter merchants. It’s popular in sandwich shops and drug stores around here, but not in grocery, department stores, and gas stations, etc.

I’d say Canada is on par with Europe…perhaps even a bit more “magic” (at least when it comes to Apple Pay). It’s pretty rare that a don’t use ApplePay when out and about. This includes everything from restaurants to vending machines. I even put air in the tires at a local gas station and used Apple Pay to pay for my air.

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Which bit of Europe? :smiley:
Sweden / UK / Holland very card / contactless friendly.
Germany is very cash orientated and a lot of places don’t even accept cards.

I’m irked that we Canadians are limited to payments of less than $100 for ApplePay though. I understand the limitation for tap-only cards, but ApplePay requires interaction

Still have to carry cash when you live in NYC but more and more places take NFC payments and have no or very low card limits. It’s getting better.

I’ve been finding more and more places take cards and contactless cards - so I can use Apple Pay there too. Austria is very similar to Germany in the cash respect, but it’s pretty Apple Pay friendly for me - admittedly I live in the capital city though!

When was your last time being in Germany? :slight_smile: Your statement is 100% correct if I do recall how the situation had been only 2 to 3 years ago (when it comes down to credit cards, the German Girocard has been quite common for years now).

But today? Boy, it does have changed!

There is almost no place that does not accept contactless payment options. And here in Germany, contactless basically means ready for Apple Pay. Even small bakeries and butchers start to accept cards. Yesterday, I paid even my physiotherapist using my AppleWatch.

There is no gas station and no retailer of any chain left that does not accept cards. Only some small shops might still want cash only. But like I said, it is changing.

Times are changing very fast.

I was working there until July in Bavaria for 4 years :slight_smile: - yes petrol stations were fine.
local Coffee shops? nope. Pizza take out? nope.
Some supermarkets would only take specific cards.
International chains were ok.

Well, I can only say that I have not been paying with cash for weeks. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think that Apple has any control over this limit. In most cases I find it’s not an issue as I typically use Apple Pay for smaller purchases.

On a side note, Apple has a support article that documents limits when paying with Apple Pay around the world.

True. Unfortunately most merchants did not opt for the NFC option when they purchased their new chip enabled terminals about 4 years ago. :frowning_face:

Prior to that the U.S. only used magnetic strip cards.

I’m pretty sure it’s my bank that sets the limit. An Apple Store employee told me that I could call them and have them raise it, which is something that I have to investigate. I’d be happy to have my Apple Pay (or any similarly authenticated/acknowledged contactless purchase method have a higher limit, but I don’t want that to apply to tap payments with my credit card. (I see a cake over there; I think I’ll have it and eat it too :slight_smile: )

I’m not sure about the details, but in some cases, the merchant sets an upper limit. Case in point, my local organic market doesn’t allow NFC payments over $50. Conversely, I think Costco allows credit card tap payments of $300 or more (though I think Apple Pay may still be limited to $100).

(I see a cake over there; I think I’ll have it and eat it too :slight_smile: )

The good news is that you can buy a very nice cake with Apple Pay. :wink:

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I just used Apple Pay to pay a bill in a store that I had installed a terminal at. The clerk looked at me with big eyes and ask, “what just happened”?! Yep, times are changing.


I got rid of the last of my US change in a vending machine at the DFW airport. Put 85 cents in, then used Apple Pay on my watch for the balance. I was a bit surprised it worked!


Yeah, my lunchtime deli just started with Apple Pay – change-my-life stuff

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