Apple September Event: what you guys ordering?

Your blog post echoes the thoughts I had while watching the announcement, a minimum viable product that will likely be enhanced over time. A feature that has value now, but not one which will replace my Garmin inReach.

I have to agree the emergency satellite feature isn’t enough to replace a dedicated device. An iPhone battery is just too limited for many situations. But it appears this feature is going to be widely available going forward.

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Tempted by the AirPods Pro as the batteries in my original AirPods gave up the ghost sometime last year. But I also need to replace my iPad Air 2 and for some reason I thought it’d been around longer than this past Spring, so I was hoping for a new model to be announced (obviously I’m wrong about that).

So it will likely be nothing.

As am I. My concern is that they seem to last 2 - 3 years. That’s seems a hefty price to pay on a regular basis ($399 here in Australia) or am I only seeing the bad cases?

AirPods and even other bluetooth headsets are now becoming “consumables” . Replacing that 2-3 years now becoming a norm

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This bothers me … though if I do the comparison on a car that lasts 10 years it’s probably around the same … :disappointed:

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IMO, AirPods are a subscription.


Probably the 14 Pro Max. I have an iPhone 12 but the battery life has noticeably gotten much shorter. Plus, I think I’d like to have a larger screen.

Here is the big camera review. (Not sure where to put this, so here I guess.)


I have been really looking forward to this.

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That’s that norm for these things. Which is why I’m more inclined to buy the cheapest ones, not the “best” ones.


This may be my approach as well, I’m not an audiophile and sometimes the noise cancellation actually bothers me. :man_shrugging:

Couldn’t help myself and just grabbed the Airpods Pro 2. I now have both the Beat Fits Pro and APP … so one will be going back! Weirdly, the Beat Fits Pro right hand earphone always feels a little insecure and occasionally falls out, maybe I’m doing it wrong! #weirdears :wink:

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Nothing. I kind of want the Ultra but I literally just got my first Apple Watch a couple of months ago. No need to get a new one.