Apple Thunderbolt Display

I’m currently considering upgrading my 2014 MBP which has two Thunderbolt 2 connectors and/or my MacMini from the same year which has 3 Thunderbolt 2 connectors.

Is there any way that I can connect either a brand new MBP16” or a new MacMini (both Thunderbolt 3 via USB-C) to my old Apple Thunderbolt Display?

Wikipedia to infer that this would work but has anyone ever done this as I believed that this display was not compatible with new Macs?

Many thanks.

Reading this topic it looks like it should work with the dongle.

You might wait for @OBG888 to confirm this, tho


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I’m using the referenced dongle with my 2016 MBP and a 2011 Thunderbolt Display — all is good!


Just to confirm, that this dongle does work!

OK, so my next Apple Thunderbolt Display (“ATD”) conundrum is as follows.

Is there anyway that I can ‘split’ the display signal so that I can have the ATD connected to both my MBP and MacMini at the same time.

Whilst it is handy to be able to hook the MBP up to the ATD when I need to, in practice it is a bit of a nuisance having to shut the MacMini down and then go fiddling behind my desk to unplug the Thunderbolt 2 cable and then connect it to the MBP via the aforementioned dongle.

My MBP comes away from the desk in the office where the MacMini and ATD are situated and is used around the house in the evenings.

Ideally I’d like to have the MacMini always powered on and connected to the ATD and have the option of just hooking up the MBP when I need to without having to shut down and fiddle with the cables.

Achievable? Or am I looking at a new monitor with multiple inputs to accomplish this?