Apple Vision Pro Q&A

Hey gang! We’re recording our “Vision Pro Impressions” episode this week, and if you have any questions you’d like us to explore, put them below!

How is iCloud sync, out of the box and ongoing?

What’s your favorite virtual environment so far?

How have family member reactions been?

Does the VP support Apple Books?

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It does, but it’s just in iPad compatibility mode.

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A few questions come to mind:

  1. How long can you comfortably wear the Vision Pro in one sitting?
  2. In its current form, is the Vision Pro useful for content creation? Or is it more suited to being a content consumption device?
  3. How well do the AR features work when the lighting conditions are less than optimum?

I’m still unclear on the field of view. Do you have the same peripheral vision as not wearing them, but can just tell it’s a screen a little bit, or is your peripheral vision limited when wearing the goggles?

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MKBHD covers the field of the view in his review and says it is too narrow compared to the Quest. My personal use, I didn’t even think about it or notice any constraint in this area.

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  1. Do you wear it outside?
  2. What has the reaction been?

Apple Vision Pro user spotted on NYC subway:

From a developer point of view, as in using the Vision Pro to write actual software, do you see it painting a brighter picture than what the iPad is like right now? I’m not necessarily talking about developing apps for the VP, but general web development as well. To me, in this role, the VP feels like a bust (much like the iPad) whereas the Mac still has the greatest range of possible use cases.

Similarly, given your experiences, do you see a future in which similar types of tools will be prevalent in corporate offices?

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I’ve tried a couple of VR headsets and both gave me motion sickness. Is this going to be the same with the Apple Vision Pro ™.

I’m curious about your takes on Paul Haddad’s joke:

Coming soon to a website near you. “How My Apple Vision Pro Became My Primary Computer”. The harrowing tale of a dude who bought the latest Apple device and now just won’t stop talking about it. From the minds that brought you “How My iPad Pro Became My Primary Computer" and “What’s a Computer?”. Rated R for aRRRgh not again.

Will this be another “real computer” debate? Or is it clear that the Vision Pro either will be used for work or won’t be used for work?


What’s “better” for work: Studio Display or AVP?

According to Jason Snell, the Studio display

To test this, I sat down at my Studio Display and then connected to my Mac and re-sized the resulting visionOS window to match the size of the Studio Display. Neat trick, but no—the resulting window isn’t as good as seeing your display with your own two eyes.

The Vision Pro isn’t going to be a display replacement in that way, but it doesn’t need to be. There are plenty of scenarios where you just don’t have a big screen available. I can now work on a MacBook Air screen with a vastly large amount of screen space, for example—even if the resolution is a little bit lower than if I used the native display. (And of course, in addition to the Mac screen, I’ve got several ancillary windows floating in space to the right, left, and above the Mac’s virtual display.)

If you don’t have room for a big display, or can’t bring one with you, having a virtual one can be a big benefit. But if I was just sitting at my desk working on my Mac with connected Studio Display, I’d just use my display.


This is my experience too, although my only prior VR experience was PS VR2. Btw typing on mine now and that’s also not as bad as some suggested.

A couple of questions:

  • Probably a dumb question, but If I’m near-sighted, do I need to buy corrective lenses for the AVP? I would assume not, since the OLED screens are so close.

  • Some people complain about glare and smearing. Can you confirm it?

I have noticed some glare on a few occasions but nothing as piercing as described in the post. My light seal doesn’t fit quite right yet so attribute what I saw to leakage.

As for smearing, I’m not really sure what this means. To my eyes the picture is crystal clear. Pass through is still a video feed but it is convincing to my eyes

My wife gets motion sick during FPS games and she hasn’t had issues after a few hours, movies, etc. yet

I’m going to be trying this for work Monday. (I should say I have the LG Ultrafine)

I get that 4k vs 5k is a downgrade, but to me the offset is having other apps surrounding my main display which is a better overall experience I’m hoping.

I watched Encanto on a plane yesterday and tried the solo band (seriously amazing experience). I was definitely shifting it around after the first hour trying to get comfortable. It’s my forehead and nose that felt it most. I made it through the movie, but an hour or 2 feels about right between breaks.

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Can you read news articles in the News App or in a Safari window as quickly and comfortably on the Vision Pro as on a 4K/5K monitor?

The reduced foveal sharpness and extreme reduction in the sharp peripheral view for the Vision Pro could potentially slow down readers, especially fast readers. There is fairly recent evidence suggesting that fast readers have larger perceptual spans than slow readers.

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How loud is the sound “bleeding through” the speakers? ie - If I’m on a plane sitting next to someone who is watching a movie on the VP, do we both have to listen to the movie?

Adding on to this question, how’s the experience using AirPods Pro with this compared to the built-in speakers? I don’t think I’ve seen a review cover this.