Apple Watch Practical Use

For those of you who have been using an Apple Watch, what practical daily use does it have? I usually set timers and control podcasts from my iPhone. Don’t see myself sleeping with a device to track sleep.

Any specific examples of practical use in daily life?

I use the timers all the time because it’s so easy to use my watch when I’m cooking.

I can be working on something and can glance at my watch to see if a Message is important without having to stop what I’m doing and pick up my phone. I’m often working with my hands, sometimes doing something that makes getting my phone out of my pocket or picking it up awkward if not dangerous.

Same thing with checking time or weather; I just glance at my watch and don’t have to stop what I’m doing,


Notifications and calendar. My AW lets me concentrate on what I’m doing or who I’m with. W

Very handy for changing the volume while listening to podcasts or audiobooks through my airpod pros while cycling.

Very expensive volume switch really.


I have a lot of meetings at work and my watch is always displaying the next meeting as the primary complication. I also like seeing notifications of text messages so I can quickly decide if I need to respond or can wait until later.

Fitness tracking

Leaving the phone at home and listening to music while still going for a run, like a wrist based iPod nano

Telling the time. For real. I find the time on my wrist very valuable


I’ve always been a Garmin proponent while having an AW in the drawer.

Recently a mate challenged me to a fitness competition for 7 days (I’m currently winning! :wink: ) I was a bit “meh”, but being a people pleaser by nature I said yes and I am enjoying the competition. Very specific use case I know. While now wearing my AW constantly, even for sleep tracking, I am finding it both useful and annoying with the notifications (yes, I know I can turn them off). It’ll be the first time I’ve worn it for a week for years and it may become a more permanent fixture.


if you have an AW with LTE, technically, you do not need to bring your phone while you are, say jogging. Some apps, like audible let you stream the audible books to your AirPod without the need of the iPhone

you can also use the AW as remote for the iPhone camera, can come very handy

For me the Dictate to Drafts complication is enough to make the watch worthwhile - quickly add a note any time/anywhere that goes into my Drafts account.

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Answered this question before. Here’s a link to this thread.


This is the main reason I could imagine getting a watch.

I did have a series 3 but sold it. I don’t need or want instant notifications… especially when I’m in a meeting or with someone else. To me it’s rude to divide my attention, even for a short while. I appreciate many disagree (having sat through meetings while the other person constantly checked messages received on their watch.)


I can’t speak for others but I agree. I have one, and only one, notification on my watch—besides emergency warnings should they ever be needed. I have an alert for the next calendar event. That way, when I’m out of the office without my phone I will not miss or be late for a meeting. I have the “Your Schedule” complication on my watch faces for this purpose. Otherwise, no notifications.


I wear my 7 all the time. Sleep tracking is excellent for me, because it encourages me to compete with myself to have better sleep habits. The same for the Activity tracking. If I weren’t determined to not miss a day with closed move and exercise rings, I would turn back into a couch potato. Other than that, I enjoy telling Siri to put something on Anylist or OmniFocus, the timer and weather complications are very handy. Drafts is fine, too. Music or podcasts while walking or working out.

The Watch is an all-round good companion.

… except, yesterday the dog was barking in the back seat and Siri kept warning me the noise level exceeded 90db. Thanks for the info, Siri. Can’t help it.



My uses include tracking my runs, quick checking notifications, paying for things, unlocking devices, finding my phone, quick checking my next calendar event, and of course checking the time.

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Notifications during the day, especially Due and Calendar.
Filling my Activity rings
Checking the weather
Tracking exercise with Strava
Monitoring my health
Sleep tracking (especially excited about the new Sleep states)

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Notifications so I’m not always pulling my phone out to see what the text or email is – or the call, especially, with so many spam calls. Most of the time when I I look at my watch for a notification, it is basically to confirm that I can ignore it – which turns out to be hugely useful.

Otherwise, activity / fitness tracking, timers and the occasional note in Drafts or recording in Just Press Record

Oh, and weather in Carrot Weather. Calendar complication to see my next appointment, or tapping on it to see the rest of the day’s agenda.


This is what Focus modes are for. When I’m at work I limit my notifications with a work focus mode.


That’s pretty much how I use my watch since I don’t always have my phone with me around the house.

Notifications. Primarily for Apple Messages, but also the occasional email or other alert.

I use it to track distance when I’m walking. I do 3.2 miles a day, and most days it’s the same out-and-back course. The Apple Watch tells me when to turn around.


Silent wake-up alarm.

For someone looking to dictate drafts and have the next appointment readily available, is there much advantage of recent models over, say, series 3?