Apple Watch S3 - Nike

Hey Guys,

I am just starting out with running with the Nike run club app and I am wondering has anyone figured out how to use the “My Coach” feature that is on the iPhone app and start a planned workout on the watch? I can only see predefined guided workouts on the watch with no option for my custom built plan…

Also and I am curious what are you guys using for running on the Apple Watch?

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I am using Runtastic Pro but will move away from it - I have had repeatedly problems with their GPS Tracking, their combination with Apple Watch and their continued interruption with bluetooth headphones.

I was planning to move to the Nike App.

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Hi Sven,

Yeah I seen that app actually it was on my radar to try out, I am going to the gym tomorrow and I am going to give the Nike app a go and see how it holds up on indoor running!

I will let you know what its worth indoors

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