Apple Watch unlocks iPhone with masked face in 14.5 beta

The subject says it all. This brings me an enourmous amount of happiness and I may have just done a little dance :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m on the developer betas anyway and installed this immediately last night. Once your watch is also updated and the setting is toggled on it works perfectly. I hope they prompt users to turn this feature on when 14.5 rolls out to everyone!

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It would be great if this works with one watch being able to unlock multiple phones. On the Mac side, my watch can unlock both my MacBook Pro and iMac.

I have personal and work iPhones but the watch is only paired with one of them. I do not want to switch pairing just for working hours and am not going down the multi-watch route.

I hope 14.5 does not require many betas; I want this!

(but I don’t want to install a beta; in particular not on my watch)


I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. Restoring it requires a trip to the Apple store or exchanging the device–not ideal considering the mask wearing!!

What great news, I’m so fed up of entering my PIN code all day when working with a mask on. This update can’t come soon enough!

If it was easier to update the watch, I would be jubilant finding out about this.
Sadly I will have to wipe my watch again to update, because I don’t have enough space for the update… .

Sorry about the rant, haha.

I hope that it works with iPad Pros as well.

I hope that it is turned on by default.

Is that a really, really, really wouldn’t recommend it or just a it can be a bit hairy wouldn’t recommend it?

If you’re not a developer do not install developer betas. If something goes wrong rolling things back is really hard, and if you don’t have a developer account then Apple don’t provide help.

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I also had that, but not with watchOS 7.3!

Hope I’m lucky with 7.4 as well…

If this works as reliably as unlocking my mac with the watch, then I’ll at least be able to enjoy it for a week or so.

Mine is still working today, but I also don’t have any issues with my Mac unlocking unless it’s been a few days or I’ve restarted.

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