Let us please have the tvOS 14.5 color balance feature in macOS!

Apart from being able to unlock my iPhone with a mask on, for me, the most compelling feature of this week’s 14.5 updates is something I did not expect: color balance.

I thought that the picture on my TV was just fine. Then I did the calibration. My TV’s picture definitely had not been fine before. :slight_smile:

It works great. And I would love to have it available to me on my Macs. Especially for the Mac Mini with its external 3rd party display. I do own old versions of the SpyderX devices, but I got tired of their ongoing policy of not supporting their calibration devices very long and the software is not that great.

I am sure that a dedicated device for color calibration might do a better job, but Apple’s new calibration feature in tvOS in combination with an iPhone is a real pleasure to use and it can be done in an instant. It is better that nothing and I think that many of us are looking at screens that do not provide us with an optimal picture.

EDIT: Feature request submitted to Apple. :blush:

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This reminds me: check if color calibration is finally working on my M1. i1Profiler doesn’t work and DisplayCAL only for external display (with a pre-pre-pre-release version of ArgyllCMS).

Unlike TV sets which can be very bad, Macs seem to be very accurate as delivered. My SpyderX couldn’t improve on the color of any Mac I’ve bought since they went Retina (although it did for an external LG display). I use the free DisplayCAL