April 2021 Event Thread!

Talking about Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event on April 20

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Could you merge this topic and this topic into this topic? Oh, and how about temporarily pinning it? :thinking:

Here’s my crazy prediction with no rhyme or reason. New update iPad pros with a version of the M1 chip, utilizing iPad OS to exist more between iOS and MacOS. Maybe this exists more for WWDC, but I’m just trying to play the Apple lotto here.

My prediction: something will be thinner.


God I want an iMac 32" 6K - almost enough to pay for a XDR and tape a Mac Mini to the back…

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Probably the iMac… :laughing:

I think the iPad Pro will have an A14X chip, not an M1 chip.

Also… :wink:

Maybe in our dreams… :smile:

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With the M1 chips, I think on the long run it will be cheaper to buy XDR, and have Mac mini replaced every couple of years.


True, but I’m actually incentiviced through my job to upgrade often.

I think that request should be directed to Tim… :laughing: :rofl:


… aren’t they the same?

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Now that has me laughing!! :slight_smile: One can only hope that God has a sense of humor!

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I don’t think that display is ever going to become cheaper… :pensive:

Apple should make a more affordable option for those of us who don’t need all the fancy features.

To upgrade your computer? How often?

He does read emails from customers after all! :wink:

Well, it depends on your perception of Apple. There are different religions for different companies.

It all depends…

On an unrelated note, here’s a cool animation from Apple’s website!

Also interested. How do I get a job that incentives me to buy a computer frequently :grin:

I would also like to know how!

On yet another unrelated note…

My prediction: Going forward, in order to make carbon targets, all Apple products will be powered by winding them up.


yeah, my wallet

well, if there is a new imac. my 2011 is due to be transferred to “kid workstation.”

I’m hoping for a large HomePod Mini.


I’ll go in on this action. :joy::clown_face:

If they keep the name HomePod Mini it does somewhat imply something larger will exist at some point.

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The Home Pod MaxiMini perhaps?