What do you think we will see from Apple at the event in April?

I think that we will possibly see…

A new Apple TV?

A new iPad Pro?

A new iMac?

What else do you think could possibly be revealed? Maybe AirTags?

Do you work for MacRumors?


Well, what do you think we will see from Apple at the event in April? I was asking this question because I vaguely remember seeing a similar discussion like this one a while back.

Definitely the aforementioned “new iMac” for sure. :slight_smile:

Don’t care about new iPads since we got new ones last spring and they’re still going good. I want a 24” M1 iMac. I hope they announce it soon. A new Apple TV would be nice since I’m using a HD version.

Well, I need a new iPad, and the current 2020 version was not enough of a bump from my current 2018 model.

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16” M1 Macbook Pro
M1 iMac

Sounds about right. We tend to keep our iPads 3 to 4 years. Not enough improvements in less time than that.

I’m wondering how much speed bump I will get from replacing this ORIGINAL 12.9" iPad Pro… :slight_smile:


I’m hoping for a new iPad Mini!


I have an inside source Apple, who tells me we should expect new products and services, if there is an event in April.




Do you have a Twitter account I can follow? :stuck_out_tongue:


Not for long! :wink:


I completely forgot about these little things! It’s highly likely that they’ll be revealed sometime in April.

That’s what they have been saying for how long now? Two years?

With the pandemic and people mostly staying at home, it would have made sense to delay such a product which mostly designed for being out, about and losing your stuff. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sure, but this has been rumored since before last year. Tile was getting all upset about the rumors and suing January of last year. It’s to the point that when I see it, I will believe it.

If they are real and they made them last year, have they just been sitting with their batteries slowly dying?

Regardless, it’s the most unexciting Apple product ever rumored. They aren’t worthy of an event, if they are coming, they could just release them.

it’s the most unexciting Apple product ever rumored

Well, to you, perhaps, but not to everyone. I’m very excited about this because I (used to) travel a lot. And I hate my Tiles.

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I didn’t say it wouldn’t be useful, just not exciting.

Now I am curious, what is wrong with Tiles?