April & May 2021 Sales and Hardware/Software Deals

The excellent CalDigit TS3 Plus Thunderbolt Dock is $190 (normally $250, a $60 coupon should be applied automatically) at B&H right now for the next ~14 hours (aka around midnight on April 5th/6th US/Eastern time).


Resilio Sync is on sale - 50% off


@MereCivilian How do you like resilio sync? How are you using it?

Macsparky updated the Hazel field guide and for those who have not purchased it yet, it’s at a limited time discount. I’m buying.

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I use Resilio Sync daily (and have been for several years) and like it quite a bit… however, I should note that the app has not been meaningfully updated in over a year (maybe closer to 18 months), and the developers/support staff have disappeared from their Discourse forum for months.

The app still works fine for me, but there’s no Apple Silicon build, and I have no idea if there’s a lot going on behind the scenes or nothing. So… let the buyer beware.


Hi, I have not used it. The app has received praise from others on this forum so I thought I would share the sale.

For Costco members, Apple Watch SE is $40 off. Sale says $30 off, but their starting price is $10 less than retail to begin with. Second lowest price I’ve ever seen (which is $50 off, at holiday season).

Wife and I are upgrading from Series 1. Can’t wait!


Thanks for the heads-up. I decided not to purchase for now. I’m looking at using syncthing for some of my needs. Thanks.

BundleHunt is active for another day or so. I purchased EagleFiler and Rocket Typist.


One day sale only. For $2, it’s a valuable book for GTD users like us:


The text in the circle says “A all new updated edition”.

My (previous) Kindle purchase says “A brand new edition for 2015”.

How do these compare?

(the cover is identical except for that text in the circle, but I’m curious about the content of course)

Found this subreddit: Book Deals Deep Work and Ultra Learning on great deals now.


I always thought Kindle books get updated. Looks like that’s not true huh? This book have 3 parts and total about 15 chapters. I’m not sure how else I can tell you as I don’t own previous editions.

Would you be so kind to check:

  • the copyright date? (For me that’s 2001, 2015)
  • the version on the next page? (For me that’s Version_5)

(My edition is called the “Revised Edition”, but no idea what that means)

The 2015 version is probably the updated one. The changes are quite minor in my opinion and, unless you’re a real productivity nerd, the new version is not worth buying again if you know the method well already.

Copyright date is the same, 2001, 2015 by David Allen.
The version for mine is Version_6


Hey, I made that! :slightly_smiling_face: Glad you’re enjoying it!

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B & H Photo has the Synology Whole Home Wireless Mesh Wi-Fi Kit on sale for $290, normally $340.

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I think if the publisher releases a new version or re-publishes in a different format with a different ISBN it’s technically a separate book.


Yup. In fact, sometimes there are different versions of "the same book” which is how I ended up buying two copies of The Princess Bride.

(Spoiler alert: I liked the movie better than the book anyway.)