Archiving solution for text/imessages?

I’ve got my email under control, mostly, but my texting/imessage communications is a mess.

I have treated messaging as ephemeral and to avoid clutter I delete messages and threads very quickly so don’t have to sort through long lists of message threads to respond or find information.

But I’m finding more client and customer communications is happening over messaging and I don’t always have a copy of the info.

Recently, I’ve confirmed several meetings via messages and hadn’t gotten them on my calendar and had already removed the text message threads so had to go back to people and reconfirm the schedule.

Is there any software solution for creating an archive of messages that can be used as a backup/fallback to recover lost or misplaced info that is only in text messages?

In a movement of insanity even wondering if there is perhaps an iOS shortcut that could serve as a “front end” for messaging that sends a copy of every text sent or received to a folder or text file as an archive?

Probably overthinking everything and just have to adjust my workflow for using messages, but wondering if others have solved this problem in a reasonable way?

Thread on this topic already underway here:

I use Chatology for finding old messages. A really good solution for locating random conversations from years ago. but to use it, you have to have your messages save forever. Not sure about backup, but I’d check it out. They have a 14 day free trial - maybe it’s in the world of helpful.

Flexibits Site

Chatology is defective. I have threads in Messages that go back continually for 8 years or more. Chatology only displays up to the prior year. Not useful.

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That’s strange. It’s working fine for me. I’m searching and finding messages from 2015.

I just downloaded and played with Chatology and it seems pretty limited and basic. Needs some serious updating in my opinion. Also don’t like that chat text & images are exported separately.

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