Arguments against customizable homescreens

I just skimmed through the neat homescreens posted by many MPU-users. Many of my favorites use the invisible app tile trick to make their apps fit a certain layout, like showing up at the bottom. I use this trick, too, but it is awfully arduous to set up. Which makes me wonder…

Why on Earth or beyond is Apple still enforcing the apps-go-from-top-left-to-bottom-right rule?

I’m serious. I want to hear some justifications so that I can be a little less frustrated every time I change wallpapers or accidentally tap these fake icons.

I’ll go first: simplicity. As elsewhere on Apple’s mobile OSes, less is more. Preventing users from setting up their own layouts limits the chance that, say, someone will lose an app and not be able to find it.

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Opposite of your request I write in favor of customizable homescreens similar to Android. I truly appreciate the hundeds of useful widgets available for the homescreen. I write from a tablet perspective. If rigid orderliness is desired that is also available.

This said I don’t spend time worring about the question. My iDevice home screen has the wallpaper of the Earth turned upside down. (South Pole on top) It uses invisible icons to force the icons lower on the screen.

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Apple is designing for the 80%. You only have to look at the android phone of a non power user to see that the majority of “normal” users just don’t care about that sort of customisation - hell, most don’t even customise their lock screen and ring tones!

Judging by ringtones when I go out neither do most Apple users. But there are the many who do too.