iPhone Homescreens!

I thought it’d be fun to share our iPhone homescreens. I’ll go first. Here’s what’s on the first screen of my iPhone XS:

Here’s a copy of my wallpaper.

Earlier this year, I removed Tweetbot and Instagram from my homescreen; they live in a folder on my third screen now.

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Here we go, please don’t shame me for the camera icon on my home page. I’m an “old” so I think I get a pass. :slight_smile:

1 screen. 3 email apps (personal, work, mailing lists/junk). 1 shortcut.

You can find my wallpaper (and other colo[u]rs too) here. Proper iPhone frame courtesy of “Apple Frames” shortcut from Federico Viticci.

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I see Overcast being a popular podcast app so far. I like Castro better. And here’s my home screen. I like to squeeze as much into the first page.

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All I can see are the anxiety badges!



Stephen, where is Remember The Milk? Buried in a folder, I assume.

Lol… yeah, those pesky chats and mails from bosses! I’m only showing badges from VIPs and my god, there’s still so many emails!

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I am a bit of a minimalist !

I don’t have any social media. For email, news, safari etc I search spotlight.

I figure that it is good to have a little barrier when accessing these apps which reminds me to be mindful.


My home screen has the things I actually reach for the most (except Safari), even though it looks chaotic. And yes, OmniFocus needs some cleanup.

Here’s the Home Screen for my iPhone XS Max. Apps on this screen are ones that I need to be able to get to quickly (e.g. Fantastical), those that promote productive habits (e.g. Streaks), and those that have notification badges that tend to be time sensitive (e.g. Pushover).

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My favorite so far.
Perhaps my goal screen too.

There’s always one weirdo …


Here’s mine.
Some things are there just to keep other things where they belong.

SURELY iOS 13 (thirteen, mind you) will stop this crowd up to the left madness where my apps switch from one thumb to the other just because I removed or added something.

My “off the beaten path” apps:

  • Onkyo HF Player for playing high-def audio purchased from HDtracks on my…
  • Bose Connect for switching my QC-35s between devices (really wish they supported more than two connections at once)
  • Lightning bolt is the companion app for bullet journaling.
  • Weird connected blue dots thing is TheBrain


I’ve got a row of shortcuts, followed by a row with apps I use in the car (plus Hours to remind me to use it), then a row of things I do on my iPhone 6, which is greatly reducing these days.

Commonly used apps are in folders at the bottom, and work email is in a folder on the second screen - commonly used, but this reduces the reflex to open it (and I have a server-side rule to move all incoming mail out of the inbox, so Apple’s Mail app never nags me about them, but can still access the account).

Pixelated “Text CM” icon is a Siri Shortcut that opens a text message to my girlfriend. (iPhone 7+)

Breaker is a podcasting app that I like a lot, and now use instead of Overcast. Though I sometimes use Overcast when driving because Breaker doesn’t have a CarPlay app.

I do that “Blank Tile” trick to get the homescreen to look like that, which I did a few weeks ago, and I turn off all notifications and badges except for Phone and Messages.

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My home screen and second screen


Is this using the method with the picup app, or some other technique?

Home Screen, almost the same since the iPhone 3g… I always fancy changing it but I’m used to it and I mainly spotlight to start apps… :slight_smile:

and the second screen (apps outside the folders are apps I somehow want to test or just downloaded and still have to decide what to do with them)

Wallpaper from this site

MacSparky, you are my hero! Like the simplicity, LOVE the quote! I live that phrase every day. :+1:t2::+1:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2::innocent::sunglasses:

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