Audiobook help with sync ability!

Am looking for suggestion for audiobook player for DRM free audiobooks. I have an older collection of CDs which I had ripped and then used a free app to combine to .m4b files. I would love to be able to have them sync between Mac/iPad/iPhone/Apple Watch. The “books” app has finally been updated to do this with PDF and works quite well, but for audiobooks you can easily upload them into the books app on Mac, but then appears you have to manually sync to phone to get them to phone/Apple Watch. It is rather clunky and doesn’t work well.

Any other software available? I would love access for playing on Apple Watch without the phone as well, but would settle for syncing between devices if such an app exists.

There is quite a useful thread where several solutions are mentioned. Here.

I use bookplayer which has a watch app - although I have never used it.

Thanks. I will continue on that thread.

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