Automated Calendar Copy

So I have an interesting situation. I have a work calendar in office365. I am allowed to sync that data to my Mac, but not my iOS devices. So I do not get calendar notifications on my watch or my phone. Is there any way, by means of a script or an app, that I can copy a calendar event on one calendar on the mac to another calendar on the mac?



Not sure what you’re asking. Are you trying to share calendar events on one Mac to another Mac, or are you trying to duplicate or share select events to another calendar on the same Mac so that they can be used to sync to iOS devices?

EDIT: It’s not automated, but Google Calendar lets you manually Duplicate individual events, and while doing so they can be put into another Calendar name-category-color. Thus, if you are able to share your calendar with a personal Google Calendar, you could make duplicates of specific events in a new calendar category and share that category to any Mac- (or iOS-) based Apple Calendar…

Yes - take a look at these show notes for ideas about possibilities.

The AppleScript to copy is trivial, but for keeping it in sync you’ll probably want to limit the date/time range and/or check for duplicates. Or you could use the logic: if event is in calendar A but not in calendar B then copy it … Which is easy in pseudo-code but might be trickier in practice. I think you will need to run the script manually or schedule it with launchd or something else, unless there’s a way to trigger it every time an event is added to calendar A. Maybe Outlook AppleScript has a script hook for that - pretty sure Apple Calendar does not.

The other option would be to use Flow or IFTTT or a similar tool that would draw from your calendar server directly rather than using the Mac client to effect the sync.

A little bit different tack, but sounds like the notifications are what you need. I wonder if you could use IFTTT or Zapier to send you a text when you receive (or would receive) a notification on your Mac?

What I’m looking for is something completely local to my Mac. There used to be an app that would sync calendars but I believe it’s no longer being developed. The issue stems from a policy that says I can add my exchange server to my Mac but not iOS device. What I need is a one way copy. Events on my Exchange calendar need copied to my iCloud calendar on my Mac, which in turn should sync it back to my phone and watch. Any app that tries to authenticate to exchange is denied.

Looks like someone could cobble together a way to do this using pieces of the following JavaScript.

Of course you don’t use Timing, but bits of their JavaScript should work.

I found this thread, while looking to do the same thing - for the exact same reason. Did you ever have any luck with this?