Automatically copy new calendar entries to other calendars

I want to automatically copy new calendar entries in one calendar to 2 other calendars. The execution should be done directly on the Mac and not via an online service like Zapier, Ifttt or similar. Has anyone already solved this using Mac Shortcuts, Automator or Keyboard Maestro?

I already found this entry, but unfortunately I can’t find the solution here.

In the Apple forums I found the following. Just do not know if this could solve my problem - Apple Forum.

Do the calendar entries need to be copied over immediately after they’re created or can this be done once or twice a day as a batch process? Are you also looking to synchronize the events (accounting for cancellations and reschedules) or just a simple entry? Finally, how much of the event do you want to copy over? I’d probably suggest not copying attendees to prevent potential invites to go out, but that might not be relevant for you.

I am using Cron for Mac which is doing that automatically. It supports Google Calendars only atm.

Is this an app, or are you referring to the Cron Daemon build into macOS?
If it is the later, why is it only working with Google Calendar?

Cron is an app that was recently acquired by Notion:

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