Back to Devonthink (from Keep It)


Not sure if it’s the developer or Apple… but keep it’s sync is just not reliable at all for me.

Went back to devonthink. Upgraded desktop app to 3.0.


That’s too bad. You had discussed this last week; did you contact the dev about the problems?

I’ve been testing Notebooks. I’ve owned both the Mac and iOS apps for a while but I’ve been reluctant to use up my Dropbox storage, but it seems quite stable. That, of course, could change - you were liking Keep It last fall…

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Agree. I’ve tried twice with KeepIt. Sync did not work.


I thought it was fixed. Then I started having problems again. Deleting and reinstall the app was the only fix (at least for me). It’s just too frustrating. I haven’t had this issue with DT. It’s more complex, but so much more reliable. I’m confident they will be around for a while too. They’ve been around for awhile. And the just shipped 3.0 beta is gla great improvement so far.

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I gave up on keep it a couple of months ago. I tried but after a few months I lost all faith in it. Sync was inconsistent, i repeatedly lost data, and often found smart folders to be completely unreliable. While DEVONthink has never been pretty and is far more powerful than my albeit pretty basic needs, I have never had issues of lost data or syncing and recommend it often.


That’s been my experience. It’s a shame because I prefer Keep it’s UI. But I’ve just been too frustrated. Especially if I’m paying monthly.


I used Keep It for a very long time and it essentially was a UI into my Dropbox. When it became iCloud only and wasn’t essentially mirroring my Dropbox files structure and, I moved away from it. Like others, the UI is great and the ability to see every file without opening anything was a real time saver. I use Evernote for some of this functionality now, though I keep my eyes open for something like the old Keep It that can index, mirror and show me a preview of all my Dropbox files at a glance.