Backblaze and MacOS Mojave Heads Up

I got this email from BackBlaze yesterday and went through the steps and I did in fact need to do this in order for the back up to access all the files it normally does. Just a heads up to anyone that uses BackBlaze and updated to Mojave. Another reason why BackBlaze is a great services!


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Some discussion of this permissions issue in this thread.

Since Mojave’s release I have received four separate notices, with four separate updates of Backblaze due to its issues with Mojave.

Backblaze will back up to Mojave and then stop. Silently. Everytime I install one of their updates, and give full disk access (which I’ve done four times), then backups start again. It’s very frustrating.

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Shaking my head agin! If only software companies WOULD take advantage of the beta testing period that Apple has for EVERY release of macOS. I now have had two emails from Backblaze about my backup failing. Not happy.


For what it is worth, I just received an eMail from Backblaze and they looked at my account and they say my backup is working as it should. They attribute the multiple eMails as a problem with their eMail list sending out multiple alarms.