Backing up local iCloud drive folder to Dropbox

Hope this is a simple question. I’m trying to make sure that Backblaze is backing up the local content of my local iCloud Drive folder. But when I log in I can’t work out where to find the iCloud Drive folder tp check.

Is it an actual folder location? Where is it?

EDIT: I had previously posted this to confirm that iCloud Drive contents were store locally (when optimise storage was turned off).

Go to your user folder /Library/Mobile Documents/

Google says it’s here:

~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/

and I checked

So…when I try to NOT exclude the Library folder fro the Backblaze backup, I get:


Does that mean I cannot back up the iCloud Drive folder to Backblaze?

It looks like that may be /Library, and not ~/Library?

My Backblaze has no issues backing up ~/Library, including the contents of iCloud Drive (aka ~/Library/Mobile Documents)

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OK, this is a bit confusing, but due to iOS’s UNIX underpinnings, there’s more than one “library” folder. The one that Backblaze is refusing to back up is the one at the root level of your boot drive with the path /library/. Your iCloud Drive data lives in /users/USERNAME/Library/Mobile Documents/ (substitute your username in the appropriate place in the path).

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Ah! I’ve found it on the machine, but for some reason the MobileDocuments folder is not appearing in my backed up files in Backblaze.I’ll check the exclusions again.

Ah solved it. It was in Admin/Library rather than MYUSERNAME/Library. Not sure why, but it is at least there - I need to brush up on users and file structure!

The ~ in ~/Library or ~/AnythingAtAll refers to the home directory of the user running a process, so if Admin is the user that’s running your Backblaze backup, then ~/Library will refer to /Users/Admin/Library. (Unix makes sense after a few years - I swear it does :laughing:)