Backup Photos App into file directory,

Hi All,

Looking to have an automated way of moving high quality photos stored on Photos App on my MacBook Pro to an file system or directories. I think I saw somewhere that using smart folders I can get the high quality from photo libraries. The thing is that I do not know how to automated on a way that each time the photo library gets updated with a photo only export that photo to a directory for that month for example.

Any Ideas, or I am just crazy… :slight_smile:

I bought hazel but I am a kid on diapers on hazel still trying to keep learning

There’s an easy manual way - just select and drag/drop:

For something automated, try Googling:

Applescript photos export


Automator photos export

I did and quickly found these 3 leads:




My mac died last week so this is from memory. Right click on the photos app, select show contents, and find the Masters directory - that is the location of all your original photos.
(Someone jump in if I’ve made an error - thanks)

Copy this directory (do not drag the folder) to the desired destination and you have a duplicate of all your files. You can use the rsync command in Terminal or a program like Chronosync to keep the new folder up to date.

Thank you for your replies… I am verifying chronosync and the rsync … Will get back to you. The issue with rsync is that I want to move the pics with hazel to sort them by year month day bases on metadata and this will always update the original directories with all pictures since it will believe that there is nothing there… working on a way to flag the pictures also to not get them again and not copy the same pics over and over…

Thank you

Thank you all for the replies. I have been playing with this and I am almost there. However… I see that even when using the export with metadata option from Mac Photo App when I check the information the dates does not match with what the get_info on the Photo App with the get_info or even using exiftool dates… any idea?