Begone Foul Cables, I Abjure Ye

I hate cables, and I hate disorganisation. I am “quite” keen on cable management.

Here’s a photo of my new desk setup:

And here’s a link to the article on my blog in which I waffle on about distraction and my desk setup.


Well done. I dream of doing something similar.

My current setup is a 16" MBP on a stand next to a monitor. With the iPhone charging, speakers, time machine HDD, and other similar things all plugged in this desk is a cable mess. My next (additional to the laptop) Mac will be a Studio (or Mini, depending on the available specs in the new models at the time) at which time I will be doing the whole cable management thing as well.

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That’s the most interesting “28-button Stream Deck” I’ve seen :wink:

All jokes aside, the setup looks great. I too am a fan of cable management. Mine isn’t at the same level of yours (as you can see in my recent post), but it keeps me mostly happy haha.

Hey! My Stream Deck grew while I wasn’t looking. Bonza!


@cdthomer how do you find the walking treadmill? (I just checked out your setup), I’ve been intrigued by them–are they easy to use while engaged in “deep work”?

I love it. I have had no issues using it while working, even while working on complex tasks. I imagine YMMV depending on how good your balance is.