Benefits of upgrading an 8 Plus ....?

I’m going through specs and such, and I’m thinking over what (if anything) in appreciable benefit I’d get if I upgraded my 8 Plus.

I currently have the 256 GB version of the 8 Plus, and I’m using 175 GB of that - so even if I really cleaned things up I’d still need more than the base model on any of the 11s, which makes upgrading pretty pricey.

Looking things over, it looks like the processor would get a bump of maybe 40-50%. The GPU looks like it would get a very large bump. Apart from that it mostly looks like cameras and AR.

Anything obvious I’m missing?

Has anybody bumped from the 8 to the XS? Was there a major performance / experience difference?

Face ID and the new gesture interface (no home button) is a pretty radical experience and to me, worth the price of admission… speed bump, maybe not. Camera quality, definitely.

I’m not sure I’d consider lack of touch id a plus - was hoping for an alternative to face id

I still using a 6s and prefer the 4.7 in phones, so I find this rumor interesting.

I have the iPad Pro, so I’ve gotten to experience the gesture interface. I think I could take it or leave it - although a nicer camera would be a benefit.

The other thing that would be really, really sweet is the extra battery life - but if I wanted to go that route I’d want to go full-blown 11 Pro, and that gets really expensive.

I’m just not sure whether the small bumps justify a new phone, or if I should wait for next year.

Your question was discussed before in an older thread so check those opinions out.

I upgraded from an 8 Plus to an XS last year and am pleased I upgraded. I like the smaller size of the XS better (8 Plus was just big enough for me to drop occasionally when holding it one-handed). I also love the convenience of FaceID and don’t miss Touch ID. But the camera upgrades from the 8 didn’t mean so much to me in the year that I’ve used the XS (the 8 already has a pretty great camera).

In terms of speed, I didn’t notice much of a difference but I don’t really tax the processor/GPU in my use of the phones.