Best Alternative to CleanMyMacX

Can anyone suggest an alternative to CleanMyMacX for my MacBook Pro? Free & Payable app? Thank you

Onyx from Titanium Software is free and works well.


I agree, OnyX immediately comes to mind and has been around for a long time.


+1 for Onyx It gets updated for each version of macOS

There used to be an app called MainMenu Pro, but I believe it is no longer under development

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What’s the problem with Clean My Mac? Avoided it for a long time but finally gave it a try and I rather like it.

I believe they’ve been under severe criticism before.

There have been reports in the past about it causing damage by deleting things it shouldn’t. And now days who needs another (IMHO overpriced) subscription.

Like others here, I recommend Onyx. Also, if you have Hazel it will clean up the application support cruft when you delete an app (though you can also do this manually pretty easily). I like Disk Inventory X to visualize disk usage. It’s free.

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I was looking for something more than FUD

Low cost, free, zero-dollar price point is not the first thing I look for in software I hope to be useful, reliable, and sustainable for the developer.

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I have CleanMyMac X (CMMX) from SetApp. It does not always remove all components of an app. In such cases, the typical reason is that the app that you want to remove has installed components in what might be considered to be non-standard locations. I recently went through this for example with Kensington’s Trackball Works software. To be fair, even the Kensington uninstaller did not uninstall all components. I had to hunt down one folder that was hidden at the system library level and that was preventing a clean install from working properly.

My primary issue with CMMX is that it has a running background helper app that cannot be disabled or killed.

I have used Onyx to remove apps. If it still exists, I have also used an app called App Zapper.


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I understand your concern but, for me at least, it shows up very low on the Energy tab of the Activity Monitor, which is acceptable to me.

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FUD? What does that have to do with my reply?

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Without giving any specifics, you merely cast fear, uncertainty, and doubt on Clean My Mac software. Not the kind of answer I was hoping for.

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Fear? Are we really going to go down that path?

@Joshagos, do you have any personal experience with Clean My Mac, good or bad, that you would like to share with us?


After reading this topic, I realized that it really just doesn’t offer many conveniences. In my opinion, it’s just not worth the price (especially for a subscription).

I have used it in the past but find it not worth the subscription cost. I’ve been minimizing the number of apps I use and not trying new apps unless there’s a compelling reason. I setup my 24” iMac from scratch and only loaded apps as I needed them. I’ve easily cut the number in half. The subscription price for 5 Macs is currently $80 per year. Just not worth it for me.

I think CleanMyMac X has a one-time purchase option, or they used to. I don’t pay a subscription. Or maybe it was an option to upgrade from CleanMyMac 3?

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Used to be a one time purchase but is now a subscription. Previous purchasers get a discount on first year’s subscription.

One time purchase is still available - roughly the same cost as 3 years of subs (at current sub rate)