Best online shares management tool

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this is for shares management, not day to day expense tracking

I am not a day trader, only invest in shares (mainly US, but based in Australia, so subject to local tax) as my retirement hobby

I have been using but they have hiked their fee considerably. Also , would be good if it is in the same or connected to the personal finance platform. Just wondering YNAB or other services that MPUers have experience or feedbacks to share.

I am currently using for my day to day expense / budget tracking, their investment part is weak.

For shares management, I would expect the platform to be able to provide the following information

  • current value
  • pain/loss
  • performance
  • dividends
  • DriP
  • tax (prefer but not essential)

You can do all of this in google sheets or excel, that’s what I do. They have functions for this. You can easily find templates online for it. Using sheets/excel has an advantage of never getting locked in and privacy, since you are not handing your creds to a third party site. Financial asset are critical, especially if they are for retirement. It’s not very difficult to manage this sheet. Once it’s setup (a template will help a lot).

EDIT: this is coming from someone who does not know know how to use sheets/excel as most users do. I’m a pretty basic user.

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Numbers is another option

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