Personal finance management for Australian

inspired by this topic. I want to have an Australian discussion, I am also trying to find a good app for use in Australia. Have tried PocketSmith, Frollo, Money Brillant but nothing sticks

Try MoneyWiz. I’ve used it for years, great app. Pretty sure it can be localised for Oz.

I have tried all of those apps but they are too limited with regards to running multiple accounts, custom categories etc. Plus being the product is a bit of a concern.

I use Banktivity for my personal and business accounts, plus books I run for my brother in laws businesses. It connects to all the major Australian banks via Yodlee.

Bonus is that it tracks my share portfolio as well.

Banktivity doesn’t prepare BAS statements but I have created an Excel workbook that will generate the BAS and Income Tax Return P&L from a report generated by Banktivity, takes only a few minutes to prepare each quarter.

I use MoneySpire. (20)

Not sure if you’re also actively trying to avoid YNAB, but I’m using YNAB (have for years), combined with Bank Sync For YNAB for import.

I’ve also used Banktivity in the past when I needed multi-currency support, and it was okay. But I prefer the YNAB way of thinking about things.

As far as I know, the only one that supports Open Banking is Frollo which is an iPhone only app. I prefer apps to use Open Banking API rather than provide my banking login details. I know they say its all safe and secure but this requires me trusting their system. With open banking, apps get a token rather than my banking credentials.

Why Yodlee has not supported open banking in Australia is beyond me? Maybe it is coming soon because I can see that Yodlee is accredited so perhaps, its a matter of time.

hi @Kaitlin , I just checked Bank Sync for YNAB, seems it does not support Australian Bank (at least yet), is that right?

I stumpled into Buxfer, trialing it now.

Seems able to connect to a number of Austarlian Banks

This is the one you’ll want:

ah , got it. I just started on, seem quite good. Did you consider this before?

No, I’ve not looked at it. I really like the YNAB zero-based approach, though. I hope you find something that works well for you!

Buxfer has a nice interface and a good set of features.

For my needs though it doesn’t seem to allow having multiple sets of books.

Banktivity allows me to create multiple documents to separately record my personal and business transactions, Brother In Law 1’s business accounts, Brother In Law 2’s business accounts and my daughter’s Strata Scheme accounts (she is the Treasurer).

To replicate my needs in the single account apps would be quite costly.

agreed, so far I am ‘trialing’ Buxfer, meaning that I can get a refund for canceling within 30 days. However, their ‘prime’ plan is of little value to me, the investment module is so basic that my spreadsheet has more features.

Also their support from Zendesk is really bad. I asked a question how to set up 2FA with app still not answered in 2 weeks