Best place to buy discontinued models (UK)

Now that there is a 9th Gen iPad (2021) Id be interested if a 2018 or 2020 iPad if its a good deal. It seems pretty similar except display and chip, my main interest in being able to use Apple 1 pencil which I can’t do on my 2017 iPad.

Where do you guys buy discontinued models? Does Apple sell old stock refurb? Ebay seems to be overpriced on new stuff (selling at 2021 prices).

I’m in the UK but general advice welcome.

Firstly, I am rocking a 2018 iPad Pro 11 and it is my favourite apple device (I have most of what they make). Its still plenty fast enough and is just the right size for what I need.

I tend to buy most of my Apple gear secondhand. I would look out on HotUKDeals for a deal on the iPad Pro, I managed to get a 64gb iPad Pro 11 2018 for my daughter for £350
Hot UK Deals

I also buy a lot of stuff from the AVForums, people are quite trustworthy and prices seem to be reasonable


Have a look at Argos for New older models.

CEX usually do good deals on second hand products.

Another vote for the 11” 2018 iPad Pro— that’s my current daily driver. Seems like that model is still pretty popular here, judging by this thread: iPad mini excitement

Apple indeed does sell old stock via the refurb/clearance store: a quick check shows that they have 2018 models available at time of this post (Refurbished iPad - Apple (UK)).

Happy hunting!

Yes, Apple sells refurbished models in the US, at least. The are refurbished Apple 1 and 2 listed. Amazon does sell the older pencils.

I have used the UK Apple Refurb store. You have to keep an eye on it, you can get some really good deals. The advantage is that they come with the normal Apple warranty.

Oddly John Lewis sometimes has sales on old stock, as does the istore - although you will need to sign up for their newsletter,

For phones GiffGaff is really good for second hand phones, we have been very happy with a couple of “pre-loved” Samsung phones we have bought from them - almost mint condition.