Best Reddit Apps For Non-M1 Macs?

Looking for a Reddit app as I really don’t like the web interface. On iOS I go with Apollo, but I can’t run that on my 2018 Intel Mac Mini.

What apps to y’all use?

I just use Apollo on my phone :sweat_smile:

You could take a look at this.

Is there a way to simply just download the application and start using it without having to compile it first?

You could look at Yack - it’s in the Mac App Store.

No idea I’ve never actually tried it.

How good is that app?

Compiling it isn’t the only tech challenge. Apparently you have to get an “app ID” from Reddit or something like that. :slight_smile:

I may still give it a shot though. Looks interesting.

This may not meet your need, but reddit RSS feeds in Reeder 5, with the new iCloud sync, is a pretty nice experience if you want to keep an eye on what’s posted and read links. Top weekly usually gets me the right level of firehose, e.g.,

I expect there won’t be a good full client until Christian finishes his iPad/Mac Apollo app.

Apollo is coming to macOS?

AFAIK, it’s literally the only native Mac client for Reddit.

It’s pretty basic - you can browse, search, reply, up- and down-vote. I can’t see a way to filter my favourite subs nor to sort/organise the list of subs so my most commonly visited are together. In short, it’s nothing like Apollo. But it might be a little more convenient than a browser.

As my father was wont to say - it’s free and worth every penny

Yack isn’t primarily a Reddit client though.

also @dustinknopoff @webwalrus

some code repository in GitHub provides the pre-built binary that you can access in the<user>/<repo>/releases. In this case, the latest build is

Still too complicated for my liking!

I would say “not solely a Reddit client” (but I’d be splitting hairs) :rage:

Notwithstanding, it’s still, as far as I know, the only client of any sort that directly supports Reddit on the Mac

accessible in the repository’s “main page”. ⌘F word “release” and there you are (if exists)

in other words, if in other official app website you look for “Downloads” or “Get it now!” in the top bar, in GitHub you look for “Releases”. :slight_smile:

If Apollo is coming to macOS, I would rather just wait.

There’s also that other Reddit client for Mac that you need to compile as mentioned earlier in the topic.

How about just use classic reddit:

Much more useful than their current interface.


Oh god, it’s so messy!

I never used the older version of Reddit.

AFAIK, the Apollo developer hasn’t confirmed that there will be a Mac version. I expect it’ll be easier to produce a version of the M series Macs than for Intel. In fact, since we can expect that Intel Macs will be phased out over the next 2-3 years or so, I don;[t know that a dev would feel justified in expending the effort and cost.

You’re correct that there’s the Github app - but I think it’s a bit too bleeding edge (dev’s own words) at its current 0.3 release level. Just my opinion, of course

If Apollo wasn’t a Mac Catalyst app and didn’t support Intel Macs, I think most people would go mad.

Say goodbye to your brand new $50,000 Mac Pro in just two years!