Best "safe" way to sell iMac? --- Follow-up ---

Does anyone have recommendations for me to sell a CTO (custom order) late 2020 iMac 27" i9 10 core, 2TB SSD, 64GB RAM, 10Gbps ethernet port, covered by Apple Care+?

The best option I have found so far is I plan to use that company unless a better option appears. Does anyone have experience with

I took the plunge a year ago and bought a new 13" M1 MacBook Pro. It has worked surprisingly well for my new video editing projects, so I don’t need this high-end iMac any more. It would nice to sell it while the market value is still reasonable.

I prefer not to deal with eBay or Amazon marketplace. I am aware of dishonest buyers scams on eBay, so it is not worth it to deal with this potential problem. I do not use Facebook, so that is not an option. Any other thoughts?

See this old thread:

@neonate thank you. Neither of those were competitive.

I also tried from the older thread mentioned, waiting for their reply. I also checked Gazelle - they buy IOS devices and MacBooks, but not iMacs.

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I have sold many old iMacs and MBPs to (macofalltrades I think is same firm). Great experience every time.

There is lots of stuff that eBay is great for…eg the buying and selling of books. But computers are not such a good idea. They are temperamental and far too expensive.

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I’ve had good success buying and selling on Craigslist.

I’ve sold at least a couple times to cashforyourmac… always a great experience without problems. Just a couple days ago I was looking at what I’d get for my 2019 iMac, and they were about $500 more than Apple or (which I’ve used in the past as well)… good luck!

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Original poster here with folow-up …

I sold the iMac to CashForYourMac. The transaction from start to finish went smoothly and the check was received in the mail today, Total elapsed time from package drop-off to payment receipt was only 13 days, despite choosing the least-cost payment method (check via USPS Priority Mail).

Thanks to all who commented.

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