Big Mail Anyone?

Just curious as to whether anyone has got their hands on Big Mail ? Any early thoughts? It seems there is a public beta coming soon.

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I am waiting for the Beta myself. I hope the mac version supports Catalina. Even though unlikely because the screenshots show the interface kinda like SwiftUI. Also the name itself refers to Big Sur.

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The site mentions nothing about spam filtering. I get dozens of spam messages an hour. All of which is invisible because Spam Sieve is almost flawless. I wouldn’t touch a mail client on macOS that doesn’t support SpamSieve.

I’m waiting for the beta and cannot wait! I’ve wondered why email didn’t work like this for years.

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Local processing… interested!!


Yes, that’s been my issue with Spark. I just leave a copy of Apple Mail/Spamsieve running in the backgroup on a Mac, and it takes care of spam for me. Leaves me free to use Spark everywhere else, (and on said Mac).

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I loved Spark, just can’t use it because it needs my credentials on their server.
So a no go.

Has anyone got any experience with the beta?

I requested access back in Early January. Never heard anything. Decided to try out SaneBox.