Big Phone / Small Phone


We’re going to add a segment to next week’s episode talking about the Apple Event. The age-old big phone/small phone question will arise. I’d love to hear form the audience on this. If you are passionate about the big or small phone, why? What do you like best? What do you like worst?


According to rumors we’ll get 3 sizes to choose from:

  • 5.4” (iPhone 12 mini?)
  • 6.1” (iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro)
  • 6.7” (iPhone 12 Pro Max)

If so, is the 6.1” small or big?

The age-old answer to the age-old question: I wish that we would not have to between features and size. The 11 Pro is about as big as I can tolerate and the 11 (not Pro) is big enough that it’s size diminishes its usefulness for me. My ideal phone would be a feature-complete Pro phone, at the size of the SE 2, but a little thicker for a bigger battery.

My current iPhone is an X, which the 12 will replace. Needs to be the same size-ish. A bigger (max) phone doesn’t pocket well for me, and that’s what I need: pocket-ability.

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iPhone 12 Pro max 6.7 is perfect. But because of cost, I will have to settle on the iPhone 12, 6.1

This question very much relies on which phones have which featured. I expect the 12s to have the same, but will the iphones 12 Pro similar have the same feature sets? If so then just the pro for me, but if not e.g. better camera on the Max, then it becomes a more difficult choice.

I changed from a X to an 11 Pro Max and I kind of start to regret to size. I was in love the first months with this phone and now I wish I had settled for the small one. It’s unwieldy and ever since I have left social media I find I don’t need the real estate. Think I will go small next time.

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I’m all for a smaller size. The old 5 was too small, I think; I like having a reasonable amount of screen real estate.

But I hate carrying a purse, so the phone has to fit in a front pants pocket. Anything larger than the 11 Pro I’m currently using just isn’t going to work for that.

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Small phone please! Got the new SE a few weeks ago to replace my 6s. In both cases I absolutely loved the 4.7" screen size. It’s easy to keep in your pockets (even if you’re sitting down), and it’s way easier to use single-handed (lighter, screen is smaller, weight distribution, etc).

Apple will probably never make a phone this small again though :frowning: .

I had the large phone last time, and got the small phone this time. The battery life on the large one was so much better that I’m strongly considering going large again this year - especially if the rumours of the better camera on the Max are true!

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I went from the 5 to 6 Plus, 7 Plus, 11 Pro Max.
My wife did the same upgrade path except she got the 11 Pro.

My phone battery lasts longer throughout the day than hers. Initially, the large phone was better for me, but debating of getting a “pro” size instead. (Assuming Apple does what it did last time and kept the Pro and Pro Max features all the same)

Tangent - I would like to see some innovation with the phone itself. Always wondered why they can’t just streamline all their devices across all sizes with the same features.

Small phone. I have small hands and also require a heavy duty Otterbox case for my phone. I can’t fit a large one into my belt pouch and I can’t hold a large one in one hand so I can type. I have never managed the 2 thumb typing method but I’m pretty fast with one hand. I currently carry an iPhone 8 and I really don’t want anything bigger.

Used to be in the smaller size camp but tried using my wife’s old 6s Plus and found the size to be comfortable. Decided to upgrade to the XR. Slightly slimmer than the X Max. I have short fingers so too wide is not good for me. I can’t easily hold an iPad Mini in one hand like most people.

I wish my iPhone 11 was a little smaller. But it’s not enough of a bother to justify the extra $300.

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Generally I’ve found that watch use keeps the phone in the pocket more often, but when I want the phone, I want it to be more productive (larger) and am more willing to stop and pay attention to what I’m doing (lower drop/grip risk.). That’s a change from a few years ago when I preferred smaller phones because I was holding them a lot more often and referring to them frequently for notifications and quick replies.

I’ve never had Plus or Max sized iPhones, but have been considering it for my next phone (this year or next year).

I watch a lot of video and do a lot of web browsing and reading on my phone, so the extra screen space would be nice. I don’t have an iPad.

I’ve also started taking a Tom Bihn Side Kick (essentially a purse) with me when I go out, so I do have a place to put a large phone other than my pocket.

I have an iPhone 8 right now so even a midsized 6.1 inch screen would be a significant bump in screen size.

I used to always be big phone person. Back and forth from Samsung Note to the biggest iPhone (once that was a thing), etc. Last two times I got the “normal” size phone. I am now using the 11 Pro. However… I really would go smaller. As I have become more reliant on my iPad Pro 12.9 and my Watch I am using the phone less and less.

I totally would have gone SE, but the one feature I use most on the phone is the camera. I guess the answer is I will get the smallest phone that does not give up too much on the camera?

SE’s camera is wayyyyyyyyy better than you would think. Less hardware, but it compensates with software. It’s basically comparable to the 11/11pro except if:

  1. you zoom into the photo really hard (SE pics will pixelate if you go far enough)
  2. you shoot photos at night

Other than that, the SE takes pretty comparable pics.

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I still use the original SE and I like it for the size. It is easier to type on my wife’s XR but I’d prefer the small phone for pocketability.

To me, iPhone 5 had the perfect size. I then got used to the 6s, but always found it a bit clumsy to manipulate. I kept using a cracked 6s for much longer than I should have because all the models that came out after were huge. I mean if i wanted a screen big enough to read or write extensively I would just buy an iPad mini for half the price. Thank god the new SE finally came out…