Big Sur Pub Beta is out

Who dares to install???

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I suggest you use a second machine or install on a separate disk. I use an external SSD specifically for the purpose.


I’ve cloned my laptop’s install and will try it tomorrow :slight_smile:

You go ahead. I’ll watch from here. :smile:


Works fine installed on my Portable SSD T5

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One could use the new Volume feature on APFS to install in dual boot mode.

Procedure was detailed by 9to5 Mac

I have a 2017 MPB sitting idle. (Long story.). Maybe I’ll sacrifice it to the Big Sur idol.

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Ok, so far so good. Running the beta, nothing of note happened so far. The redesign is a starker contrast to old one, than I thought. My 13’ Macbook feels smaller actually.

Well anything’s gonna work with 40 GB RAM :slight_smile:

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In my case it’s 8 GB RAM, it’s fine so far:)

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i’m doing it! i’m iPad-first so my older Macbook Air is usually sitting unused.

I’m curious to find out which apps are having issues with the public beta before I install.

I installed it this morning on my 2015 MBP 15". It’s working great. I really like the design a lot. The new mail app layout has really messed with my muscle memory, but it looks really nice. I like the improvement to messages. Some of my apps that were buggy under Catalina seem more stable under this beta (ironically).


20 pages.

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I would advise against that, there have been APFS issues with the developer betas that prevented an update of your Catalina install after that.

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Yeah … memory leaks take a little longer

did I see it correctly, a folder with a “.nosync” will not sync?
Was this always the case? and: does it really work?

Update: created folders, added the .nosync and it did not appear on other devices at all.
Nice to know!!

update 2: does not work on iOS… won’t create the folder. On macOS it does though…

That was reportedly fixed with Catalina 10.5.6 and Developer Beta 4, which is basically the same thing as Public Beta 1.

Rogue Amoeba’s apps are not working. That’s the biggest one I’ve seen.

Same here. They have this cool issue tracker though:

I was going to make the jump on my 2014 MBP… apparently 48GB is not enough space? That seems problematic. Last few summers I wait for the public beta to take the plunge, but now I have to figure this out!